26 Aug 2008

Getting Sticky and Sweet in Caerdydd

I'm back from Cardiff and opening night of Madonna's Sweet & Sticky Tour. Still a bit overwhelmed by it all but thought I'd post a couple of pictures. Madonna was excellent and put on a show like only she knows how to. We didn't want to queue for hours or stand four hours before the show started so were happy with standing at the back of the Golden Circle and danced the whole show through. Of course it meant the pictures wouldn't be the best, but took some anyway.

Can you recognise who's on the screen above Madonna?

So much going on all the time on stage, which included a catwalk and lots of screens moving up and down.

19 Aug 2008

"It's only Tuesday"

Yes it is only Tuesday, but I want to know now! If I won tickets to Madonna that is. Was actually supposed to find out already, but I don't expect Madonna to be looking at my pictures on her birthday. Although I really doubt she is going through the pictures herself, but who knows, that's what they said. They also said they would let us know who wins on Sunday so... All this waiting.

Wait - Sweeney Todd

17 Aug 2008

First time for everything

Last night I had crayfish for the first time in my life. I have never tried to avoid crayfish, just never been invited to a crayfish party before. To be precise I wasn't invited to a crayfish party this time either but a garden party, but who cares, I got to eat crayfish! No longer am I that oddboll who has never eaten them. A new era has begun.

They taste like shrimp. Shrimp good.

But so much work for a little piece of meat? I guess that's why you only have crayfish parties once a year.

Poor little crayfish. And I'm very tired.

16 Aug 2008

Long Live The Queen

To think that it is already two years (and a couple of days) since I was standing in the front row at London's Wembley Arena during Madonna's Confessions Tour. And today is her 50th birthday. And a week from now I'm seeing her again. From the Golden Circle this time. Doesn't that sound like something from a film? The Quest for the Mythical Golden Circle.

I never said it sounds like something from a good film.

15 Aug 2008

Hooked on Who

I'm a person who tends to get hooked on certain things (unfortunately never on cleaning, eating healthy, exercising, saving money or other useful things). My newest obsession is Doctor Who. A couple of weeks ago the only thing I knew about Doctor Who was that it was a tv-series and Billie Piper was in it, and that it seemed to have something to do with space and was hugely popular in the UK. On a whim I decided to start watching it and it has totally ruined my sleep pattern (well that and a whole lot of other things). I have to watch at least one episode before I go to bed, usually one episode means more like two or three which means I never go to bed early.

Imagine how surprised and pleased I was to find out there is a Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff! I thought I was going to Cardiff next week just to see Madonna, but I must say I am very very much looking forward to seeing Daleks ("EX-TER-MI-NATE!") and Cybermen and of course the TARDIS. I mean how can you not love a show where the time machine/spacecraft is a police box (basically a blue telephone box).

Anyway... off to watch yet another episode.

I leave you with a clip: Daleks vs Cybermen

(and no, I'm not going to go on about how this is my first ever blog post and how I don't think no one will ever read this and blah blah yadda yadda. Hmm.. think I just did.)

(picture randomly found with the help of google)
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