17 Aug 2008

First time for everything

Last night I had crayfish for the first time in my life. I have never tried to avoid crayfish, just never been invited to a crayfish party before. To be precise I wasn't invited to a crayfish party this time either but a garden party, but who cares, I got to eat crayfish! No longer am I that oddboll who has never eaten them. A new era has begun.

They taste like shrimp. Shrimp good.

But so much work for a little piece of meat? I guess that's why you only have crayfish parties once a year.

Poor little crayfish. And I'm very tired.


  1. Looks yummy! Shame I'm allergic to shellfish, otherwise I'm sure I would have loved me some that!

  2. Så gott och mysigt det ser ut! Jag var för upptagen med catch-caught-caught-pusspusspuss och med att slåss med klorna för att beundra skönheten. :-D h. värdinnan

  3. Catch caught caught.. voi jösses, hade lyckats förtränga det redan. :p Tack för en fin fest värdinnan!!

    Och synd att du är allergisk D. :( Men som tur är finns det en massa annat gott också! :D

  4. It's like when you eat crabs, I always need a massage afterwards lol


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