30 Aug 2011

Confusion is nothing new

One of my all time favourites.

caught up in circles
if I'm lost I can look and I will find you
if I fall you will catch me

- time after time

(p.s. confusion is not necessarily a bad thing)

1 Aug 2011

Some shadows are happy

Happiness is... - part 9

Water blue tips nail art

With pretty much zero ideas for nail art I did this simple design. Painted the nails with a polish from one of H&M's Summer Nails collections called Light blue. Then made irregular stripes on the tips of the nails with CM nail art in Water blue. Finished it all with Seche Vite top coat.

I managed to drop the CM nail art polish from the table so that it landed first on my leg and then on the carpet. Nice blue stains... Perhaps I should think about doing my nails somewhere other than on the sofa in the future. My sofa table is already covered in all kinds of nail polish stains.

31 Jul 2011

Sunday breakfast with oven pancake

This has been one perfect weekend. Could not have hoped for a better ending to July 2011. On Friday one of my absolute dearest and best friends came for a visit. She lives abroad these days so we rarely get to see each other. We had a great time catching up and then went out for some sangria with my boyfriend and his friend. Good times indeed. On Saturday I got to take out my boyfriend to a Thai restaurant and some ice cream and a movie. We saw Bridesmaids. I both cried and laughed which to me usually is a pretty good sign that it was a good movie. Which it was.  

This morning we were super lazy and didn't get up before after 10 am. I guess that's what Sunday mornings are all about. For breakfast I made us an oven pancake. Haven't made one in such a long time but they are super easy to make and so yummy. Not the most healthy thing to eat of course but hey, every once in a while you can treat yourself. Right?

I used this Swedish recipe but changed it so it was for two people.

1,5 dl wheat flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 dl milk
2 eggs
1 tablespoon margarine

Mixed the flour and salt together and then used an electric mixer to mix in the milk. Then mixed in the eggs. Let it swell for about 20-30 minutes. Poured the batter in a greased medium sized pan. Then baked it in the oven for 20 minutes at 225°C. 

While the pancake was in the oven I whipped up some cream to serve with the pancake along with some raspberry jam.

29 Jul 2011

Long time no bake

Wow, it's been nearly two months since I last baked anything. I guess I really have had a busy (fun busy!) summer. Last night I decided to make some muffins and since I had some lemon curd from my recent trip to London in the fridge I wanted to experiment with that a bit. I made muffins with lemon curd and in the middle I put a mix of cream cheese, lemon curd and raspberry jam.

So so yummy! I didn't feel any need of decorating them because they were so moist and delicious on their own.

120 gr margarine
120 gr sugar
2 ecological eggs
250 gr ecological wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
120 ml milk
0,5 teaspoon ecological vanilla powder
about 3 tablespoons lemon curd

lemon curd
cream cheese
raspberry jam

(original recipe taken from here and then made some changes to it) 

Melted margarine in microwave so it was soft.
Mixed sugar in the melted butter with electric mixer.
Then mixed in eggs, milk, baking powder, vanilla, flour, lemon curd one by one.
Made filling by mixing lemon curd, cream cheese and raspberry jam together.
When all was mixed I put a spoonful of the muffin mix in each muffin cup.
Then put a small spoonful of the filling on top of this.
And lastly a spoonful of muffin mix again.

Put them in the oven at 175°C for about 20 minutes.

19 Jul 2011

Summer time and the living is easy

The blog has been quiet.
The main reason: 
it is summer
and I am enjoying it. 
Very much.
Very. A lot. Indeed I am.

(well when I'm not cranky and irritated of course...)

and so are my cats

24 Jun 2011

Simple coral and yellow diagonal tips nail art

I was planning on trying to do some more complicated nail art but then when I had done what was supposed to be the base I decided to just leave it there because I liked how it looked.

I painted the whole nail with Isadora's Second Nail polish that is supposed to give you a "new nail". I thought it'd look good as a natural base for the nail, which it did. Then I painted the tips with Eyeko's Coral polish and made a diagonal line with Essence's nail art freestyle & tip painter in Flower Power. Covered it all with a clear top coat.

What? Don't you always try to match your nails to the candy you are eating?

22 Jun 2011

De-stressing myself with music

Today I have felt stressed most of the day. For several reasons. In a way I like feeling a little bit stressed sometimes because I'm much more efficient at work at those times. But at the same time it is wearing me out quite fast. Plus I easily start being a bit mean to the people closest to me. And that I hate. But I was very glad to notice that someone who has recently become very important to me could read this stress in the right way and not be offended. 

Music can be very therapeutic when I'm feeling like this. Well music is always good for me. Now I've been listening to Wolf Gang's acoustic version of Back to Back on repeat a couple of times and just trying to relax on the sofa. It's starting to kick in. Soon I have energy to continue with everything I need to get done. Or perhaps I'll be so relaxed I'll just chill instead and forget about all those things. We'll see.

I was reading a Finnish music blog Stop, shake, honey, go and was reminded of Wolf Gang whose music I found some months ago. I was sure I had mentioned Wolf Gang in some blog post but I guess I hadn't because I can't find anything.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should pre-order a limited edition of Wolf Gang's The King And All Of His Men on vinyl... yes or no? One of life's big decisions.

Oh and on the same blog I found a new band to me called Fucked Up. Yep, pretty name. Apparently a Canadian hardcore punk band. Hmm I thought... not really what I normally would listen to perhaps. Well I just had a look at what seems to be their newest(?) video called Queen Of Hearts. Oh I think I'm liking this. Cool concept. And on to Spotify with me... from de-stressing music to pretty much the opposite, but who cares! Seems interesting.

"Hello, your name is David, I am Veronica."

And I saw Britney had a new music video out... must check out that one too! Probably need some simple poppy pop pop after the hardcore punk. Don't you think?

Striped red hot Minnie nails

Bright red is my favourite colour and I have several polishes of that colour. One of the latest I got is from H&M called Hot Minnie. Not sure I'd describe Minnie as hot but the polish sure is.

Recently I ordered some nail art polishes online and wanted to try them out so made some simple black stripes on my red hot nails with CM nail art polish in black. Not the most complicated or innovative design for sure but I do love how they turned out.

These nails are very much me!

21 Jun 2011

Painting my friend's nails pretty in pink

My friend has a party to go to and she wanted me to do her nails so they'd match her dress. I painted the nails with OPI's Sparrow Me The Drama and then stamped them with Konad's special polish in white and Konad plate m70. Also put a couple of small light pink crystals on some of the nails. I only had my mobile phone with me so the colours aren't 100% accurate but quite close.

13 Jun 2011

A-little-bit-of-everything cupcakes

Last week I baked cupcakes for my birthday and for some strange reason I decided to just improvise. I used a very basic recipe for muffins and then just added whatever I found in the kitchen it seems. To the dough itself I added melted dark chocolate and peanut butter. Then I filled half of the cups and put some cream cheese and a strawberry (frozen but I let it melt so it was only half frozen) and put some more dough on top. I decorated with some very improvised chocolate ganache and some glitter and a white chocolate heart.

I thought they had a bit too much of everything but the people who ate them didn't complain and some even had two or three so I guess they were pretty yummy after all.

12 Jun 2011

My kind of birthday presents

My birthday was recently. Today I had my family over for some small celebration. I think my nearest family have some kind of clue of my obsessions and likes based on the birthday presents I got.

I guess no one dared buy me nail polish since there is a slight risk I already have it... Or the more likely reason: they think I have too much as it is! 

Cupcake themed: hand &  body cream, cookbook, sparkles

Iittala Korento mug, plate and bowl

Hello Kitty cover for my phone (love!) and a metal box

9 Jun 2011

Birthday celebrations my style

Yesterday was my birthday.
I celebrated the day doing fun things because after all,
I don't know when the last one is so better not waste a single one.

Lunch at Restaurant Pinella - tuna salad and champagne
Brownie for dessert - heavenly

Picnic cupcake at after work picnic in the park

No one dares take the last piece

Nails and dress of the day

People watching in the park

Went to see Magenta Skycode perform in the evening

That day

Again my trust was betrayed.
Someone new to have faith in appeared.
The sun never stopped shining.
Looking up through tree branches
with my back on the grass.
Warmth in my face, smile on my lips.
Bending my head to see the world
- now turned upside down.

2 Jun 2011

Pretty much perfect almost weekend

Today is a public holiday here in Finland and it really feels like this week got a weekend extra. I hadn't really planned anything but ended up having a fun and wonderful time with people important to me.

Here are some pictures taken with my phone, from last night and today.

These things along...

...and in the river I noticed last night while walking into town with my friend.

Mini pub crawl

The Aura River is something special during a summer night

Nightly 4am shadows on the pavement

An impromptu birthday party

A real princess garden party.

Bedtime story time for the smallest party goer.

...on the way home I admired the natural wonders of early summer.

1 Jun 2011

Summer nails

I read somewhere that yellow is one of THE nail colours at the moment and since summer came to the city I painted my nails yellow using Depend nr 166.

But I didn't want to stop there. I felt like they needed something more. So I decided to try some new nail art technique for the first time. I made summery nails using fimo nail art that I ordered from eBay.


31 May 2011

Summer in the city

Happiness is... - part 8

The first days of summer are always my favourite. Those first warm evenings when you just want to stay outside the whole evening and enjoy the moment, not thinking about tomorrow. Today was one of those days. Happiness.

After work a friend and I decided to walk into town for a couple of ciders along the river. We stopped by the cathedral and sat on the big steps outside it and had a sandwich. Then we went to sit on one of the river boats and were joined by another friend and enjoyed a couple of cold ones in the shade.


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