29 Jan 2011

And the lasers split the dark

A colleague said this song was stuck in her head today and since then it has been stuck in mine. I don't mind one bit though, I absolutely adore this song.

Robyn - Indestructible

Youtube makes you log in to watch that video, since it's "inappropriate" according to some users... so here is the acoustic version of the song in case you don't want to log in. Or if you watched the video have a listen to this version as well, it's actually better in some ways.

and the live version as an extra bonus

I’m going backwards through time at the speed of light
I’m yours, you’re mine
Two satellites
Not alone
No, we’re not alone

A freeze-frame of your eye in the strobelight
Sweat dripping down from your brow
Hold tight
Don’t let go
Don’t you let me go

And I never was smart with love
I let the bad ones in and the good ones go
But I’m gonna love you like I’ve never been hurt before
I’m gonna love you like I’m indestructible
Your love is ultra-magnetic
And it’s taking over
This is hardcore
And I’m indestructible

Hands up in the air like we don’t care
We’re shooting deep into space
And the lasers split the dark
Cut right through the dark

It’s just us we ignore the crowd dancing
Fall to the floor
Beats in my heart
Put your hands on my heart

And I never was smart with love
I let the bad ones in and the good ones go
But I’m gonna love you like I’ve never been hurt before
I’m gonna love you like I’m indestructible
Your love is ultra-magnetic
And it’s taking over
This is hardcore
Ooh and I’m gonna love you like
Like I’ve never been hurt before
I’m gonna love you like I’m indestructible
Your love is ultra-magnetic
And it’s taking over
This is hardcore
And I’m indestructible

21 Jan 2011

Some people have big problems

Since yesterday I'm having a smallish but definitely not totally unpleasant dilemma.

You know how many artists like to announce their tour in bits? So that first they announce a couple of shows and all the biggest fans buy tickets to those and then they start announcing more shows in more places. I find it a bit annoying.

In 2008 I went to a rock festival in Finland with two friends to see Foo Fighters. My friends already were big Foo Fighters fans but I mainly went because I thought it'd be fun. As it happened I also got to see Paramore as a very nice and big bonus. Both bands were so great live and I guess I became somewhat of a Foo Fighters fan too. 

Anyway, some months ago Foo Fighters announced their first European shows, in Milton Keynes, England. One of my friends half jokingly asked us other two if we should go. On a bit of a whim the other friend bought tickets for all of us to go. I thought: Travelling combined with great concert, what could be better?

Then just recently I noticed how Foo Fighters started adding more and more shows to their tour. I could already guess where this was going... Yes, yesterday it became official that they are indeed coming to Helsinki as well! Wow! Yay!! Cool! But no wait... we already have tickets to see them... now what?

So then the question was, should we go to both or just one. And which one in that case? The solution: buy tickets to the other one as well and decide later! Excellent solution. And I'm already guessing what the result will be. And I'm not even a huge fan of theirs, but they are very good live so I know it will be money well spent.

One of my favourite songs of theirs. 
My Hero.

19 Jan 2011

Heart music aka random songs I listen to at the moment

This one I heard for the first time today. 
And excited to learn her new album is coming out next month. 
Polly Jean has a special place in my musical heart. 

PJ Harvey - The Words That Maketh Murder

She is so gorgeous!

Adele - Rolling In The Deep
One of the hottest new artists at the moment. 
Heard this song a while back and thought it was 
pretty cool so glad for her that she is now getting big. 
Always love a girl with an attitude.

Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude

Heard about this band a little while ago and instantly liked them. 
Just such a feel good vibe to their music. 
Makes me wanna go road tripping through the US!

Neon Trees - Animal

Heard this song yesterday for the first time. 
This is the kind of music I want to have in my headphones 
when I'm out walking. Makes me walk at a good pace. 

Zowie - Bite Back

My friend in Switzerland introduced me to this Swiss cutie. 
Very adorable song and guy.

Adrian Stern - Nr. 1

This isn't a new song for me but I can't stop listening to it. 
It's just perfect. 
My favourite part: "I thought robins can fly. / Whatever."

I Blame Coco feat. Robyn - Caesar

I stress, therefore I am

And that is all.

18 Jan 2011

Things that make me go hmm

Happiness is... - part 1

Oh dear... haven't heard that song in a long time. Not sure how cool it is to realise I still know almost all the lyrics by heart. A bit scary. Or a lot (and not cool). Me and my friend used to write down the lyrics to (in our opinion) great songs in a note book when we were in our early teens. Back then we didn't have Google or even internet (how did we survive one might ask?) so to get the lyrics to songs we liked, we listened to them over and over again and paused the cassette(!) player and wrote down what we heard. And it wasn't unusual that we had taped the song off the radio. Not having English as our mother tongue and being teenagers you can only imagine how funny some of those lyrics probably would look and sound now.

But to get to the point: someone recently asked me what makes me really happy. I couldn't think of anything at that moment! My head was completely empty of all happiness bringing things. I am not exactly sure why. But it did get me thinking. What makes me happy? And yes, I do realise that the song hasn't got a thing to do with happiness, but it was the first song that came to my mind for some very strange reason. Question I asked myself: "Things that make me happy?" and that made me think of "Things that make you go hmm...". Very logical in my mind, so not so strange after all. 

I'm a person who can have many ups and downs during one day. One moment I can feel like I'm the queen of the universe and the next moment like I'm the most boring and useless person in existence. I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that I can be pretty emotional and have an ever changing mind. I guess those two often come hand in hand. And I'm also guessing that someone who believes in horoscopes might now know mine (I don't know much about them though so perhaps I'm completely wrong).  But thing is, in fact there are many many things that make me happy.

Today I'm going to mention one thing that makes me happy and then possibly and probably continue the happiness theme in a post later on.

I lived in Denmark for a while some years ago and like now I enjoyed taking long walks then as well. During one of these walks I found a place that had some special appeal to me. This place was about a thirty minute walk away from where I lived. I returned there several times. I am not sure what made the place so special to me, but I remember always feeling happy and peaceful being there. 

It was a beach, pretty rough looking, and usually very windy. Hardly any people went there except in the summer. Sometimes I might meet someone walking their dog but otherwise I could be pretty alone with my thoughts and feelings.I haven't physically been there since I moved away but sometimes I do go back there in my head. Just looking out at the sea and hear nothing but the wind.

Happiness is standing on this beach with nothing but the wind and the sea as my company

17 Jan 2011

Copycat nails

V. Vanity over at the My Little Vanities nail blog posted a simple, yet very nice manicure today and since my nails already were the same base colour I went ahead and did something similar to her design.

Zoya Raven as the base colour (did this a couple of days ago)
nail stamping with Konad special nail polish in white and Konad plate CO1
top coat Seche Vite

Seeing myself in two different mirrors

Creature Comforts - Self Image

Self image. Wow, heavy topic. Yes, but at the same time something that has been on my mind lately for different reasons so thought it might be an idea to write some of those thoughts down. When I decided to start blogging again I knew I'd have to write about this soon. And yeah... I don't understand what the mouse in the clip says either. Don't worry about it.

Today one of the most positive blogs out there, More To Love (only in Finnish sorry), posted a topic about self image. Like in the clip I posted they mainly discuss the physical self image. And their message is basically along the lines of: Does my bum look big in this? Who cares! Be proud of it and like yourself for the beautiful creature you are, big or small or in between. Gotta love those girls, I hope they know what a huge inspiration they are for many girls (and probably boys too) out there. And some older girls as well!

I'm sure most people have some issues with their self image and how they see themselves compared to how they want to be seen. I have many friends who say they don't like a certain part of their appearance whereas I think they are such gorgeous people.

Whereas the More To Love-girls mostly discuss the physical appearence in their post, I've lately mainly been thinking about my inner self image. Just a few days ago I was told that the image I have of myself is not what others see. It may sound like something that is very obvious to most but it wasn't that for me. Somehow I thought that of course others see me as I see myself. Yeah, not always the smartest girl, am I?

I guess when it comes to self image there is no mirror that can show us our true image, because it simply doesn't exist. It will always be two different images. One we see ourselves and one others see. With enough confidence in oneself these images certainly move closer and closer but I doubt there are many for whom they will ever be exactly the same.

I'm sure I will always feel insecure about some things about myself and I will certainly feel like I say the most stupid things from time to time when others see a happy, and yes, probably often a bit silly, person who smiles a lot. I guess the main thing is not to let it get to you. You mess up, so what? Who doesn't?

Inspired by a friend's recent Facebook status I will end this post with the following lyrics and song:

You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

And yes, it's not long ago that the world saw that even Katy has her insecurities

(remember the sweet Twitter pic her husband posted of her?)

And now this girl thinks she is going to start worrying less about that mirror image she sees in her head and liking it just a bit more. This world is filled with wonderful people and why wouldn't I be one of them not just to others but also to myself?

16 Jan 2011

Like the procession of night that leads us into the valley of despair!

For me some words are strongly linked to something. I cannot say or hear the word black without wanting to start shouting Black! All black! BLACK!!

And those completely clueless as to what I am referring it is Johnny Nice Painter from The Fast Show.

Black is one of two of my favourite colours to wear. If I only could wear one colour for the rest of my life black would easily be my top choice. My other favourite colour is red. I wouldn't however dress in all red... I imagine some very artistic looking older lady with long wavy hair would be dressed like that, but I'm a bit less eccentric than that. But a combination of the two colours is among my favourite colour combinations. Also combined with white or gray.

Good thing I recently read I won't be completely "out" wearing those colours since at least the Balenciaga Spring 2011 collection has them in focus. No, I seriously don't normally have any clue about what designer has what in their collection but I happened to notice this since it pleased my eye.

I might have been inspired by that when I was out shopping with my sister today.
Among other things I got a shirt dress and a scarf in those colours.
Scarf by Diesel and shirt/dress by Rosebullet. Both on sale obviously.

And my nails? They're black. BLACK!! More exactly Zoya's Raven. One of my favourite nail polishes.


Someone said some things to me lately that made me start thinking about what I want. Someone else recently wondered why I don't have a blog. Today I woke up and realised one of the things I want to do is indeed blog. I have friends all over the world and there is only so much I want to say on places like Facebook and Twitter. Or not only want to say but I think about 90% of my Facebook friends might start blocking me if I wrote everything I feel like saying or posted all the links I want to post. With a blog this is different.

I am not pretending to lead a hugely interesting life nor do I think my writing is anything above average. But this will be a place I share my thoughts with those who want to take part of them. And yes, there will be nail polish pics too.

When I first tried starting this blog in 2008 and then stopped, it was because I thought there were plenty of blogs out there that are far more interesting than anything I could ever come up with and that I wouldn't bring anything new to the scene. All this is still very true.

But none of those blogs are about my life and my thoughts, are they? *goes on ego trip* My friends all over the world will not know about what I am up to through other people's blogs. Right? So that is the reason for this resurrection. And perhaps more importanly the need I feel for having somewhere to just post all the frakking crap I want.

The little geek in me couldn't stop thinking of resurrection ships while writing this so the theme
song for this post and the new beginning is borrowed from one of the greatest tv shows of all time.

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