16 Jan 2011

Like the procession of night that leads us into the valley of despair!

For me some words are strongly linked to something. I cannot say or hear the word black without wanting to start shouting Black! All black! BLACK!!

And those completely clueless as to what I am referring it is Johnny Nice Painter from The Fast Show.

Black is one of two of my favourite colours to wear. If I only could wear one colour for the rest of my life black would easily be my top choice. My other favourite colour is red. I wouldn't however dress in all red... I imagine some very artistic looking older lady with long wavy hair would be dressed like that, but I'm a bit less eccentric than that. But a combination of the two colours is among my favourite colour combinations. Also combined with white or gray.

Good thing I recently read I won't be completely "out" wearing those colours since at least the Balenciaga Spring 2011 collection has them in focus. No, I seriously don't normally have any clue about what designer has what in their collection but I happened to notice this since it pleased my eye.

I might have been inspired by that when I was out shopping with my sister today.
Among other things I got a shirt dress and a scarf in those colours.
Scarf by Diesel and shirt/dress by Rosebullet. Both on sale obviously.

And my nails? They're black. BLACK!! More exactly Zoya's Raven. One of my favourite nail polishes.


  1. I *LOVE* The Fast Show :D And black is my favorite colour as well. Love wearing it - I guess I still believe it's slimming, although in my case there isn't enough black to help me :P

  2. There sure are some great characters on The Fast Show! I've never really been a huge fan and only seen episodes here and there but some of them are unforgettable for sure. I guess I think black is slimming too but I also think it's a colour that suits all occasions and you can get away with it at any time.


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