16 Jan 2011


Someone said some things to me lately that made me start thinking about what I want. Someone else recently wondered why I don't have a blog. Today I woke up and realised one of the things I want to do is indeed blog. I have friends all over the world and there is only so much I want to say on places like Facebook and Twitter. Or not only want to say but I think about 90% of my Facebook friends might start blocking me if I wrote everything I feel like saying or posted all the links I want to post. With a blog this is different.

I am not pretending to lead a hugely interesting life nor do I think my writing is anything above average. But this will be a place I share my thoughts with those who want to take part of them. And yes, there will be nail polish pics too.

When I first tried starting this blog in 2008 and then stopped, it was because I thought there were plenty of blogs out there that are far more interesting than anything I could ever come up with and that I wouldn't bring anything new to the scene. All this is still very true.

But none of those blogs are about my life and my thoughts, are they? *goes on ego trip* My friends all over the world will not know about what I am up to through other people's blogs. Right? So that is the reason for this resurrection. And perhaps more importanly the need I feel for having somewhere to just post all the frakking crap I want.

The little geek in me couldn't stop thinking of resurrection ships while writing this so the theme
song for this post and the new beginning is borrowed from one of the greatest tv shows of all time.


  1. Looking forward to reading your blog! And I agree, BSG was the best show ever, followed closely by Dr Who!

  2. Oh yes, gotta love Doctor Who as well! Thanks Jan :)

  3. We only just saw the final episode of season 1 today. Heard "The Shape of Things to Come" for the first time. Read it'd be a recurring theme in later seasons. I love it! The show is great, and the soundtrack too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8zsE5zdlsQ

  4. I really should pay more attention to the soundtrack! I've been thinking about watching the show soon again, have it on dvd. There is sth very special about it. Totally different from everything else I've watched in some way.

  5. Yes I am! Hopefully staying longer this time too :)

    And Johan: I'm now completely obsessed by The Shape of Things to Come! *listening on repeat*


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