17 Jan 2011

Seeing myself in two different mirrors

Creature Comforts - Self Image

Self image. Wow, heavy topic. Yes, but at the same time something that has been on my mind lately for different reasons so thought it might be an idea to write some of those thoughts down. When I decided to start blogging again I knew I'd have to write about this soon. And yeah... I don't understand what the mouse in the clip says either. Don't worry about it.

Today one of the most positive blogs out there, More To Love (only in Finnish sorry), posted a topic about self image. Like in the clip I posted they mainly discuss the physical self image. And their message is basically along the lines of: Does my bum look big in this? Who cares! Be proud of it and like yourself for the beautiful creature you are, big or small or in between. Gotta love those girls, I hope they know what a huge inspiration they are for many girls (and probably boys too) out there. And some older girls as well!

I'm sure most people have some issues with their self image and how they see themselves compared to how they want to be seen. I have many friends who say they don't like a certain part of their appearance whereas I think they are such gorgeous people.

Whereas the More To Love-girls mostly discuss the physical appearence in their post, I've lately mainly been thinking about my inner self image. Just a few days ago I was told that the image I have of myself is not what others see. It may sound like something that is very obvious to most but it wasn't that for me. Somehow I thought that of course others see me as I see myself. Yeah, not always the smartest girl, am I?

I guess when it comes to self image there is no mirror that can show us our true image, because it simply doesn't exist. It will always be two different images. One we see ourselves and one others see. With enough confidence in oneself these images certainly move closer and closer but I doubt there are many for whom they will ever be exactly the same.

I'm sure I will always feel insecure about some things about myself and I will certainly feel like I say the most stupid things from time to time when others see a happy, and yes, probably often a bit silly, person who smiles a lot. I guess the main thing is not to let it get to you. You mess up, so what? Who doesn't?

Inspired by a friend's recent Facebook status I will end this post with the following lyrics and song:

You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

And yes, it's not long ago that the world saw that even Katy has her insecurities

(remember the sweet Twitter pic her husband posted of her?)

And now this girl thinks she is going to start worrying less about that mirror image she sees in her head and liking it just a bit more. This world is filled with wonderful people and why wouldn't I be one of them not just to others but also to myself?


  1. Så härligt att du börjat blogga (igen)! Det är så kul att läsa om dina tankar! (Jag kommer nog att kommentera in Swedish, för det känns tassigt att ta det på engelska med dig) ;)
    Om self image finns en hel skola inom sociologin :) Man kallar det ofta looking glass self, att se sig som man tror att andra ser en. Vare sig det är som man i verkligheten ser ut och beter sig eller ej. Väldigt spännande ämne!

  2. Nyckelpigan: :) <3
    Sofia: Det går alldeles utmärkt att kommentera på svenska ;) Alldeles säkert spännande ämne! Borde nog läsa lite om det och inte bara fundera i mitt eget lilla huvud, men någonstans måste man börja. Men skulle vara bra att lära sig vad de kloka människorna kommit fram till i frågan. Har du några tips var man kunde få en introduktion till ämnet utan att bli helt overwhelmed genast?

  3. This is such a good post. Women so struggle with self image, but it really came to a point for me when I started teaching and saw the effects of poor self image and not to mention the media on the actual teenage girls that sat before me...it made me truly want to hold myself more confidently and work on myself because if we don't, what happens. I feel like we all owe it to the girls that come after us, ya know?

  4. Cait: Thank you so much :) I think it shows what a great teacher and role model you must be because you have thought about how what you think of yourself teaches your students. And you are right, we do owe it not only to ourselves but to others too to treat ourselves with the respect we deserve.

  5. Det finns en massa litteratur på ämnet! De flesta tyvärr ganska hc-sociologiska. Cooley heter gubben som började kalla det looking-glass self. Men en grundbok i sociologi (filosofi) tar upp ämnet under rubriken socialkonstruktivism. Jag har nog material om du vill läsa nångång! :)

  6. Oki doki ;) Ska hålla det i minnet! Thanks!


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