21 Jan 2011

Some people have big problems

Since yesterday I'm having a smallish but definitely not totally unpleasant dilemma.

You know how many artists like to announce their tour in bits? So that first they announce a couple of shows and all the biggest fans buy tickets to those and then they start announcing more shows in more places. I find it a bit annoying.

In 2008 I went to a rock festival in Finland with two friends to see Foo Fighters. My friends already were big Foo Fighters fans but I mainly went because I thought it'd be fun. As it happened I also got to see Paramore as a very nice and big bonus. Both bands were so great live and I guess I became somewhat of a Foo Fighters fan too. 

Anyway, some months ago Foo Fighters announced their first European shows, in Milton Keynes, England. One of my friends half jokingly asked us other two if we should go. On a bit of a whim the other friend bought tickets for all of us to go. I thought: Travelling combined with great concert, what could be better?

Then just recently I noticed how Foo Fighters started adding more and more shows to their tour. I could already guess where this was going... Yes, yesterday it became official that they are indeed coming to Helsinki as well! Wow! Yay!! Cool! But no wait... we already have tickets to see them... now what?

So then the question was, should we go to both or just one. And which one in that case? The solution: buy tickets to the other one as well and decide later! Excellent solution. And I'm already guessing what the result will be. And I'm not even a huge fan of theirs, but they are very good live so I know it will be money well spent.

One of my favourite songs of theirs. 
My Hero.


  1. I love concerts, and I agree with cait you should go to both!
    have a wonderful time!

  2. I now have tickets to both so it's pretty likely I will do that yes. :)


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