18 Jan 2011

Things that make me go hmm

Happiness is... - part 1

Oh dear... haven't heard that song in a long time. Not sure how cool it is to realise I still know almost all the lyrics by heart. A bit scary. Or a lot (and not cool). Me and my friend used to write down the lyrics to (in our opinion) great songs in a note book when we were in our early teens. Back then we didn't have Google or even internet (how did we survive one might ask?) so to get the lyrics to songs we liked, we listened to them over and over again and paused the cassette(!) player and wrote down what we heard. And it wasn't unusual that we had taped the song off the radio. Not having English as our mother tongue and being teenagers you can only imagine how funny some of those lyrics probably would look and sound now.

But to get to the point: someone recently asked me what makes me really happy. I couldn't think of anything at that moment! My head was completely empty of all happiness bringing things. I am not exactly sure why. But it did get me thinking. What makes me happy? And yes, I do realise that the song hasn't got a thing to do with happiness, but it was the first song that came to my mind for some very strange reason. Question I asked myself: "Things that make me happy?" and that made me think of "Things that make you go hmm...". Very logical in my mind, so not so strange after all. 

I'm a person who can have many ups and downs during one day. One moment I can feel like I'm the queen of the universe and the next moment like I'm the most boring and useless person in existence. I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that I can be pretty emotional and have an ever changing mind. I guess those two often come hand in hand. And I'm also guessing that someone who believes in horoscopes might now know mine (I don't know much about them though so perhaps I'm completely wrong).  But thing is, in fact there are many many things that make me happy.

Today I'm going to mention one thing that makes me happy and then possibly and probably continue the happiness theme in a post later on.

I lived in Denmark for a while some years ago and like now I enjoyed taking long walks then as well. During one of these walks I found a place that had some special appeal to me. This place was about a thirty minute walk away from where I lived. I returned there several times. I am not sure what made the place so special to me, but I remember always feeling happy and peaceful being there. 

It was a beach, pretty rough looking, and usually very windy. Hardly any people went there except in the summer. Sometimes I might meet someone walking their dog but otherwise I could be pretty alone with my thoughts and feelings.I haven't physically been there since I moved away but sometimes I do go back there in my head. Just looking out at the sea and hear nothing but the wind.

Happiness is standing on this beach with nothing but the wind and the sea as my company

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