24 Feb 2011

Ahoy! Hey Sailor. Nail polish haul.

Nail polish is one of my most serious obsessions at the moment. I admit it. I just can't help it that I get such a kick out of getting new polishes in the mail. Probably sounds sad to many but hey, we all enjoy different things in life. And thank goodness for that.

Lovely V. over at My Little Vanities helped me get my hands on these beauties and I got them today. And if you haven't yet, go and check out her amazing nail polish blog. You will not regret it (if you are at all into polishes and nail art).

The one I had looked forward to most was China Glaze's Ahoy! and of course I had to try it immediately. It met all expectations. The glass flecks in the polish will look even better in the sun so will be a perfect summer polish.

The other polishes I got (from left to right) China Glaze Ruby Pumps (been meaning to get this one forever), China Glaze Hey Sailor (better go down to the harbour in the summer wearing this and see if it gets any attention ;) ) and from a brand completely new to me: Alix Avien polishes 169 and 187 (boring that they have no names, but they look fabulous).


  1. First of all, awesome picture! Did you shop something out or do it on a white bg?

    Your manicure, of course, looks super-lovely too, but the picture caught my attention immediately. :)

  2. Thanks! I must say I am pretty pleased with how the picture turned out myself as well. It's taken on my dinner table which is white. I've taken the picture with my digital SLR camera. Normally I take my nail pics with my digital pocket camera because I don't have a macro lens for the DSLR. I really should get one though, since the pics would turn out much better.

    And thanks again for getting me the polishes ;)


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