14 Feb 2011

Friends are like stars - you don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

Happiness is... - part 3

The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You

I guess I have had a pretty easy and happy life so far, which I am very thankful for. I do tend to be a bit overly dramatic at times but most of the time I have a smile on my face. Of course I do have some moments when I don't feel so great. Last week I had been feeling really down for some days and talked about it with some close friends. They made me feel better like they always do. 

Then one evening I was suddenly in a great mood again. I am not 100% sure where that good mood came from, things had not really changed, but I guess I just decided not to feel so down anymore because let's face it, it's not so much fun. 

This great feeling continued to the next day and I was on a super high. It was almost scary how good I felt! I told a friend at work that I was in a really really good mood and she replied with a huge grin on her face: "Good! Because usually you are in such a bad mood!". Haha, yeah, I guess I'm normally a pretty happy and positive person. 

I feel I owe a huge deal of my happiness and positiveness to my friends. I count myself very lucky for having so many great friends who I feel are really close to me. Friends who I can laugh and cry with. Friends I feel I can tell things to without being judged and know I get honest advice when needed. Friends who tell me I am not the idiot I sometimes think I am (or tell me that yes, I'm a bit of an idiot and then say it's okay, it's only human). Friends who confide in me when things are rough. Friends who tell me about their day.

Friends who listen to me even though I keep going on about the same old things time and time and time again (say hello to the insecure drama queen in me). Friends who call when I feel lonely or bored and ask me to come over for dinner. Friends who live far away geographically but feel like they live next door. Friends who I haven't met (yet!) but still feel like I've known forever.

Friends. You make me happy. The fact that you want to be my friends and want me to be yours. Thank you!

Yes, I know. I'll stop now. This post is already far too cheesy as it is. This is what this day (Valentine's Day or VD as people seem to want to call it on Twitter and then take it back in the next tweet when they realise... oops) makes me do. 

Okay, just a little bit more cheese (cheese is good after all, not all cheese):

I went to have dinner to a friend's house yesterday and she gave me this card. 
I don't think she knows how much it meant to me. 
'A friend is like a star in the sky. You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.'


  1. Aww! Du är en god vän, verkligen.
    Fick ett kort i den stilen av en vän en gång, jag började lipa direkt.

  2. Tack min vän :) Jag hoppas jag är det. Känns ibland att jag inte är alls lika bra vän till andra som de är till mig. Jag får så mycket av mina vänner och känner mig lite egoistisk ibland när jag kanske inte ger lika mycket som jag får. Om det nu alls låter vettigt vad jag säger vet jag inte :D Och ja, kan gott förstå att du började gråta av kortet. Kramis.

  3. Du är den bästa vännen, vännen!! <3


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