3 Feb 2011

Inspired paws

A couple of days ago I saw this super cute manicure done by Playing with polish called Paw prints. I knew I wanted to try it out at some point. Today when I had tried on a new polish I bought in Switzerland during my recent visit there I thought I wanted to do something more and decided to take out my dotting tools.

First of all I've only used my dotting tools once before and second of all I put the polish I used for dotting on a magazine that gave some additional (purple) dots. So not a very successful venture but still. The thumb (that was the first nail I did) turned out pretty good I think.

Catrice Spruced Up as the main colour
dotting with Make Up Store Maria


  1. That looks so cute! :D

    Where do you get Catrice polishes from?

  2. Thanks! I bought Catrice polishes from Switzerland when I went to visit a friend a little while ago.

  3. Aaaww, how cute little pawsies! :))

    Greetings from MLH (you know, from the forum ;)

  4. If you take your polish with you...you are sooooooooooooo making my nails in Paris :P

  5. MLH: Thanks so much!
    Nerh: If I don't bring some with me I have to buy some, yes? ;)


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