23 Feb 2011

Life isn't perfect but it sure feels good sometimes.

Happiness is... part 4

Most days I wake up and have no special expections about that day or think that it will be anything different from other days. Just another normal, not horrible, a little bit boring day. Same old same old. Well, I'm sure you know what I mean. Come on, it's Wednesday. Nothing ever happens on Wednesdays.

I start the morning with hitting the snooze button five times like most mornings. Great, I'm in a hurry to work again. Walk outside and realise I forgot to check the temperature. My breath is freezing. Minus twenty something celsius. Better walk a bit faster! But wait, it feels pretty refreshing actually. And yes, I was going to try out Sports Tracker on my phone, better turn it on.

Sun is shining. Nice!

I arrive at work and Sports Tracker tells me I took 1115 steps and used about 50 kcal. Cool. (how much chocolate is that?)

I sit down at my desk with my cup of green tea, like I do each morning, and look out the window at the snow and the sun. Beautiful. Then one of my colleagues comes up to me and hands me something. It's cupcake paper cups! The cutest ever! And in three different designs too. "So you can bake us some more". Awww. I give her a big hug after a moment's confusion over the kind gesture. And just a couple of days ago I was looking in the shops for these and found none. Or just found one very boring design.

It's things like this that make me really happy. Small unexpected things that cheer me up instantly. I mean I imagine she has been at home and perhaps looked in her kitchen cupboard and then noticed the cupcake cups on the shelf and suddenly thought of me. Of me and my silly cupcake obsession. It makes my heart warm.

So here I am smiling. Planning all the cupcakes I would make. Not eat (all). Make for others. Yum. (Hopefully.)

Then I see that the annual rock festival in my city, Ruisrock, is going to announce this summer's performers (or most of them) at noon. Ooh... who might it be? Fingers crossed for someone I want to see. I want to go this year since I didn't go last.

I go have some lunch, get a big cuddle from my cat. Sweet. Forget all about the festival. Check Twitter. Oh oh oh! Robyn! Is coming to Ruisrock. Better check the actual site just to be sure and avoid huge disappointment. Yes! She is!

I saw her last year at Flow Festival in Helsinki and she was absolutely one of the best performers I've ever seen live. She was so present and gave so much of herself to the audience. You could really feel the energy coming from her. And now I will see her again. Super! This summer is going to be another summer of great concerts and festivals. I just know it!

Pictures I took of Robyn at Flow Festival 2010


This day feels so great, I think to myself. But wait, usually when I feel really happy something comes along and destroys it (usually me). Better not be too happy now... No way, I'm going to feel as happy as I want. I'm not scared. Come on bad-things-happening-to-me. Show yourself. I'm not afraid of you.

I've been looking for some new artwork or similar to have on my wall for a while. And then I see one of my favourite Finnish bands add a link on Facebook to the Finnish Amnesty Store that now has four different photos of them for sale as limited series prints. And all proceeds go to Amnesty. And the photos are amazing and it's for a good cause. Obviously I order my favourite of the photos. Yay!

I get a sweet sms from someone important to me that I worry about a bit. Feels good.

After I come home from work I decide I want to test the Sports Tracker thing a bit more and ask if my sister wants to go on a walk with me. We end up walking 6,62 km according to Sports Tracker and 8049 steps. 344 kcal. Not too bad. I ask again: how much chocolate? The (pretty big) nerd in me loves applications like this.

When I come home after the walk I can hardly feel my thighs. They are so cold. And incredibly red. Ouch! Good thing I bought a bar of chocolate. And for once I have milk at home. And cocoa powder. I'm drinking hot chocolate under a warm fleece blanket on the sofa and eating a bar of chocolate. Heaven.

And I realise many of my days turn out great even though I don't expect them to (maybe that is why they do?). And here I have been thinking I don't like unexpected things happening. I do. (Nice things.) Go on, Tomorrow, please surprise me too. Or the day after tomorrow. Or... Just let it be a surprise.

Yes, I think it really is the small things in life that are the big ones.

(and I'm going to pretend not to remember I really should clean today. Tomorrow can be a not so great day instead.)

edit: Oh oh, I forgot another happy thing. New Foo Fighters song. Rope. Very much like it!


  1. Jag är så glad att du är glad! :)
    Och Ruisrock verkar få hyfsat startfält i år, great!

  2. Ja, hade verkligen inte väntat mig att idag skulle vara en så fin dag. Roligt när sådant händer när man minst väntar det.

    Jag sku just börja kolla in de mera obekanta Ruisrock-artisterna. Hittar hoppeligen några guldkorn bland dom :)


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