8 Feb 2011

Maybe everything won't be all right, all the time.

Happiness is... - part 2

Last month I posted the first post about happiness and thought what a better way to cheer myself up than post about it again, right? 
I love music. Music makes me happy. Listening to music. Not singing or playing. 

When I was little one of my dreams was to become a singer, I soon realised no one wants to hear my singing voice. Then I started playing the piano. I was too lazy to practice and honestly, I was terrible at it anyway.  Okay, so I didn't have any musical talents.

But you know what? I've actually participated in recording an album. Yes, I have sung on an album. Or I probably mainly mimed so I wouldn't completely destroy it. That's what I did when I was in the school choir. I loved being there but couldn't really sing, so I sometimes mimed. It was our choir that made the album. 

I still know a couple of Hungarian folk songs in Hungarian(!) by heart (our teacher was from Hungary). This was over 20 years ago (I feel so old!). But I'm sure we sold like a couple of hundred copies at least of it. Wow! I know my parents bought several! It's not every day their daughter records an album. Or anyone in our family for that matter, we aren't exactly know for being musical geniuses.

I had to google to see if I could find the songs (not sung by me then obviously, but in general). Here's the first song. It's called Kis Kutya Nagy Kutya and that means either big dog, small dog or small dog, big dog. I have no idea. Something with dogs anyway. I am guessing that is what inspired the video... 

(don't watch if you don't like dogs, just listen. 
Unless you know Hungarian, then don't listen either. 
I'm pretty sure some of those words mean dog.)

Okay, here's the other song I remember. Megismerni a Kanászt. And now I'm starting to think these might not be folk songs after all. Perhaps they are kids songs? Kids folk songs? Haven't got the faintest idea what this song was about. But I do know the children are singing it wrong in a couple of places. Or then again maybe I don't remember all the words correctly...

(slightly-annoying-children-singing-warning over this one, 
but I guess it's pretty cute at the same time)

What makes me really happy is when the lyrics of a song make sense to me. I admit that I sometimes listen to songs without paying attention to the lyrics and I think that's perfectly all right too. I mean in some pop songs (and others too I'm sure) the lyrics don't have a huge meaning to them after all. But then sometimes I just suddenly hear the lyrics to a song and they make perfect sense to me. 

One song that did that to me today was a song by Gary Go. I've listened to Gary Go since before the debut album came out but only really noticed what this song is about today. I was listening to another song of his on my phone when I was out walking: Heart and Soul : "If you don't follow your heart and soul / Nothing will matter anymore". When I came home I had to listen to the whole album and noticed the lyrics of Open Arms for the first time. Gary Go - Open Arms (Live At Mayfair Studios) (for some reason it doesn't let me embed it here now so just click the link to watch the video, okay)

Gotta look myself in the eye,
And say it's gonna be alright.
Maybe everything won't be all right, all the time.


  1. LOL åt dina ungerska folksånger. :) O tänk att jag aldrig vetat att du sjungit i kör och t.o.m. spelat in en skiva!

  2. Ja, det skulle man inte tro jag gjort minsann! :D I'm a woman of many surprises (or some at least). Jag måste söka rätt på skivan (LP så klart!) hos mina föräldrar och ta den till mig så kan vi lyssna på den när du kommer på besök. hehe Du kan öva på de där ungerska folksångerna tills dess ;)

  3. skulle bara ännu tillägga att jag sjöng i kören från tredje klassen ända till slutet av gymnasiet. I gymnasiet började det bli lite jobbigare för vi var så få så det var svårare att fejka det. hehe Men ingen slängde ändå ut mig därifrån. :)


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