17 Feb 2011

NP means Now playing and not No problem (today anyway)

PJ Harvey's new album Let England Shake just came out 
so it's only fair she makes the list this month as well as last month's post
The new album can be found on Spotify as well.
I love her, I don't love all her albums, but this one I do.

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

I love Danish. 
One of my favourite Danish artists is the duo Hej Matematik.
Every now and then I start listening to them on repeat.
That happened again today when I walked to work.
This is such a cool video too!
Hej Matematik - Du og Jeg

I like her. I like the song. 
Who cares if it's similar to some other song.
Hello, which song nowadays isn't?
(I am a huge Madonna fan btw ;) )

Cover version of Lady Gaga - Born This Way


Rumer - Am I Forgiven

Nevermind the odd censorship going on in this video.
It's a breast. Quick! Close your eyes!
Loved this song from the first time I heard it about a week ago.
Looking forward to hearing more.

Austra - Beat and The Pulse

"There is no silence
I will keep following the sirens"
Serious love for this artist.
She is going to be big soon. I just know it.

Oh Land - White Nights


  1. Yay Hej Matematik! Så bra, har börjat digga dansk musik på senaste tiden. Lyssnar alltid på radion när jag lagar mat och försöker sedan snappa upp vad de säger att det är för artist. Lyckas inte alltid så bra det. :)

  2. Finns mycket bra dansk musik. :) Nephew är min största favorit.


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