1 Feb 2011

What's on today's programme?

Today is apparently a day when I freak out over the smallest things for no very obvious reason. Oh if I could only understand the mysterious wonders of the mind a bit better. But on the other hand, think how boring it'd be if every moment would be a happy happy joy joy moment? How would I then be able to enjoy those good moments as much and fully as I do?

Yesterday I thought I was ended for disaster this week when the day began with me knocking over my tea mug at work and ending up with tea all over my desk (and everything on it). But in the end the day ended up being a great start of the week.

Last night I had the most lovely night visiting some dear friends. I was going there just to pick up a book about Paris and hear some tips on what to do there but ended up staying the whole evening. We ordered Indian food, had some lovely wine, ate Swiss chocolate and watched American Idol. And in addition to that I was both good and scary entertainment to their little baby daughter. Seriously, one minute I was the funniest person in the world and the next I was the scariest and then the next I was the loveliest again. Those who know me know I'm not a baby person at all, but this one baby, I swear she is the cutest in the world (no offense to all other babies). Oh and I also got some insider information about a lovely restaurant that is opening later this year. How exciting!

So I should just remember that even though I might be freaking out now, when it's not even noon, this day can also turn out to be something good. Maybe today's programme isn't decided before it happens and all is possible?

I wish you all a great day today and many more to come!

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