21 Feb 2011

Winter walks

Walking is one of my greatest pleasures. I enjoy taking long walks either with a friend or alone. If I walk alone I have my headphones on with some great music and can really empty my head from all things.

Yesterday I was on a two hour long walk with my sister during the day and today I walked for over an hour by myself. It really is beautiful with all the snow so I had to take some pictures with my phone. I would've taken more pictures but because of the freezing cold I could hardly feel my fingers after a while so had to stop eventually.

Winter is beautiful.


  1. So very pretty pictures Parakeet!
    I enjoyed them very much and thought it was interesting to see :)

    MLH :))

  2. Thanks so much MLH! Very happy to hear you enjoyed them!

  3. Your photos are starkly beautiful

  4. Thank you! That is very kind of you to say so. :)


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