6 Mar 2011

The balance of the universe early Sunday morning

No good without evil. No happiness without disappointments. No up without down. No laughter without tears. Etc etc, you know what I'm talking about. And while all that may very well be true to some extent, I don't think it is some higher force who created the world as opposites. I think it us humans who do that. We need opposites to understand things easier.

Of course there are opposites, but I see them as created concepts and I don't think they are as harshly defined as we often tend to think of them. While it sounds a bit boring, the world is not about opposites like black and white, it's actually just one huge grey. And yes, I'm sure people far smarter than me have said all of this much better and there are all kinds of theories about balance and opposites but this is just me waking up at 6am on a Sunday morning trying to make sense out of things. I really should start reading more on topics like this though.

So far this has been a weekend of on one hand disappointments and tears and on the other happiness and laughter. But in those disappointments there have also been good things and in the happiness and laughter there have been things that haven't felt perfect. People have shown other sides of themselves. Some better and some worse. And others just haven't changed.

See, I constantly keep using the opposites to describe things. I really see it is as a never ending scale from one opposite to another without anything being at the far end of either extreme. But since the scale is different from situation to situation and person to person it is not possible for me to say "That was +23 on the good-bad scale". For that we'd need to decide on a scale for it, like for temperature. But again, since we all have our own scales we'd never come to any agreement. And I don't think we need to either. Most of the time we can agree if we call something right or wrong or if not then we usually understand why the other person sees it as the other opposite. I guess that is just part of being human.

Sometimes I do wish I would see things in a less complicated way. Sometimes it would be easier to divide things and people into opposites. Wouldn't it?

Something high on my "cute - ugly scale" - Hello Kitty wrapping paper

Something high on my "catchy song - boring song scale" - September Resuscitate Me

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