10 Mar 2011

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Perruche. Oui, oui! C'est vrai! Je crois.

Perruche is Parakeet in French according to Google Translate so please do correct me if I'm wrong. My French is somewhat rusty. Je parle un petit peu français. A very very petit peu I might add. Any chance I'd be able to magically learn a bit more French by tomorrow morning? It could come in handy in Paris.

Yes, Paris! The City of Love as some might call it (blah I say!). I will be passing on that description, thank you very much. I like The City of Lights much much better (bitter old cat lady syndrome approaching). But after this weekend it might very well be called The City of Silliness when one of my dearest friends and me finally meet and spread our silly craziness all over the city. I'm guessing some Parisians might give funny looks to a Spanish and a Finnish woman who tomorrow can't stop giggling because they are so tired from waking up in the middle of the night to travel and so excited about finally meeting after knowing each other for years in the world of the Internet (maybe she turns out to be a big scary hairy old man with no teeth and bad body odour who snores and chews very loudly?).

Anyways... to somehow try adjusting to the beautiful language of French I am now listening to Mylène Farmer. I remember first seeing her music video on MTV at a friend's house in the very early 1990's. The first song, and still one of my favourites from her, I heard was Je t'aime mélancolie. Haven't actually listened to her music so often even though I really like it. Might be because lyrics are after all quite important to me and my French has never been on the level that I'd understand more than the basics. Now with online translation sites it is of course thankfully much easier to get some idea of the lyrics.

And yeah... I should probably study some Spanish too... Donde esta McDonalds? is about the only thing I can say. Came in handy when a bunch of 18-year olds where set lose by themselves for a couple of weeks in Spain. And in Spanish I am of course Periquito!!

And now. Better start packing! Springtime in Paris! Aah, happiness.

Two of my favourite songs by Mylène Farmer (not very cheerful ones, I know. But great!)


  1. 'maybe she turns out to be a big scary hairy old man with no teeth and bad body odour who snores and chews very loudly?'

    you'll know when it's too late to escape! hahahaha :P

    City of Silliness <3

  2. I'm getting a bit scared now! :D


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