21 Mar 2011

Hello Kitty bow vs funky studded bracelet

Today my friend asked me if I could come shopping with her because she needed to buy something for a little girl's birthday. She wanted to go to H&M's children's department. I of course joined her gladly. I love shopping for presents. Okay, I love shopping.  Period.

Among other things I bought something I am not sure I'll ever wear (don't I always?) but it was too cute not to buy (haven't I heard that before?). A huge red bow headband. From the girls' department. When I got home I knew I had to do a makeup look to match the bow so I did. To compensate for the girliness of the huge red bow I also got a funky bracelet from the boys' department.

Let's pretend I'm at least twenty years younger. 
And my mirror is clearly dirty.
Let's pretend it's clean.

 Yep. I really am a grown up.

On my nails I'm wearing Zoya Kelly if anyone is interested.

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