8 Mar 2011

International Women's Day

In the morning when I woke up I decided I would not get all worked up about today. But of course I was wrong. Well, I tried. For like two minutes.

So why would I get worked up about today? Well... it's International Women's Day and at least here in Finland it feels to me like many seem to think of the day as just a day to give women presents. Or a day to say something “funny” about women in their Facebook statuses. I know people don't mean anything bad when they do that. Or at least I hope they don't. It can of course be nice to receive presents (I'm just bitter I'm not getting any!) and yes, even sexist jokes can sometimes be funny (I do have a sense of humour hidden somewhere). But when you think about what this day originally stands for it feels a bit tasteless don't you think?

So what is today about then? Well I am sure there are many answers to that question. It's a day to celebrate women around the world, their achievements throughout history and in the future. And for me the most significant thing is to raise awareness of the inequalities that still exist in our world between the genders even though progress is happening all the time. Very slowly.

Today Annie Lennox tweeted the following: 

"Women perform 66% of the world's work, 
earn 10% of world's income 
 and own 1% of the world's property"

I checked to find the original source and it's from Unicef.

That should be a wake up call, don't you think? But I'm afraid that many might just shrug it off and think oh well, that's sounds really crappy but what can you do, and then go about their day. And yes, of course everyone can't constantly be actively fighting for human rights and thinking of others if their own life is okay and they feel they are treated with respect everywhere they go. Like probably most people in my country do. I can't say I feel discriminated against because of my gender on a daily basis. But it happens. Plus everyone has their own issues to think about after all.

Today I heard two women tell a man while laughing: "Oh, but where are all the flowers and cakes? You should've baked for us today!". Yes, I do realise they were joking of course but I can't help thinking it's no wonder there is still so many equality issues even in our country when even women don't understand the meaning of this day but treat it like it's Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc... Mm... no.

Oh and don't get me started with all the shops using this day to sell more stuff. Buy two for one and pamper yourself on Women's Day! I mean come one, are we really that stupid? I guess we are. To sell more things and make more money because women are treated badly just because they are women is just wrong. Because that's what it is, isn't it? More business because of the suffering of others. Tough world. Wow. Seriously.

I don't think it's wrong to give presents or pamper yourself today. I am just afraid that the real, not to mention extremely important, reason for this day will soon be completely forgotten.

I understand that many might think that I take this all too seriously. And they are probably right. Taking things too seriously is something I'm rather good at. (Yay, I'm good at something! Pat on back!) But I am very glad there are people out there who take it much more seriously than I do and dedicate their lives so that girls can have the opportunity to go to school and women have the opportunity to start a business and make a change in their lives for the better.

Happy 100th International Women's Day to you all, women and men and children alike (probably no children reading this though, I hope. If yes, go read something more interesting and by someone who writes better)! And hopefully in another 100 years time there will be no need for this day anymore.

So, are we equals?

This feminist might just have found her calling.


  1. Bra sagt! Iddes inte kommentera kvinnodagen desto mera på fb el.dyl, känns som att trampa i ett getingbo. Men du är en modig kvinna som skriver bättre än du själv tror!

    Men absolut håller jag med om det du säger om jämlikhet och isär om utbildning för flickor.

    Glad kvinnodag :)

  2. Tackar tackar. Känner mig sällan modig men har hört det ibland så kanske det finns en liten gnutta av det i mig också.

    Önskar min engelska skulle vara mindre rostig dock... borde kanske bloggat på svenska men då borde jag nästan ha flera bloggar och det orkar jag inte med. No way. :D

    Jag tippar på att en och annan blivit irriterad på mina FB och Twitter inlägg idag men voi voi säger jag, då är det bara att gömma mig på newsfeeden eller sluta följa mig. muahahaha

    Har inget behov av att ha att göra med någon som blir störd av att en dag i året bli påmind om viktiga saker.

    Glad kvinnodag :)


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