7 Mar 2011

Roses are red nail stamping

Haven't done my nails properly for a little while now. I keep saying my nails are depressed. They have not been in good condition and the cuticles look horrible. Plus I've actually started biting my cuticles again because of some things troubling my mind a little bit. But then I saw V.'s amazing Spring Roses nails and just had to do something like it.

Yesterday I bought a new nail polish from H&M called Deep Sea and polished my nails with it immediately when I came home. Such a refreshing and cheerful colour! Today I then stamped it with China Glaze's Hey Sailor. The plate I used for stamping is one I got from eBay a while ago with a couple of other plates. Don't really have more information about it, sorry.


  1. Just saw this today and that H&M polish is sooooo pretty. *drools* Also glad to know that Hey Sailor works so well for stamping. I love multi-use polishes. ;) And the colour combo here as well.

  2. That H&M polish is really really nice! One of the better colours I've purchased lately. It was a small bottle and the price was just 0,95 €. Let me know if you "need" it ;)


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