27 Mar 2011

Spring inspired cherry blossom nail art

We still have lots of snow and ice on the ground but spring is clearly coming. Today the sun was shining like crazy. I felt extra lazy though and didn't even go out the door. I was on the balcony though, that counts, right?

I felt I haven't paid my nails enough attention lately so first I oiled the cuticles and buffed and shaped the nails. Then I wanted to try out some nail art I haven't done before. My friend suggested I do flags and I thought of doing the Japanese flag. But then it hit me, I wanted to do cherry blossoms! I googled and found a tutorial done by the very talented MissChievous (@MissChievouz). Click here for her tutorial on youtube. 

I do not own a thin nail art brush so had to improvise a bit and used a normal thin brush but it wasn't very easy to work with (didn't pick up enough or then too much polish). But this was the first time I tried painting freehand on my nails so not that horrible. The base polish is H&M's Deep Sea, the branches is Zoya Raven, the white in the flowers Konad special polish in white and the pink a Konad light pink polish mixed with H&M Light purple (from their Spring Nails collection). 


  1. That is gorgeous! I need dotting tools. :P

  2. Thanks all! They are quite cute, aren't they? :)


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