29 Mar 2011

Strawberry surprise cupcakes

I was thinking about posting a very emo post today about how much my day sucked. But my mood turned for the better in the evening so I'll do a happier post instead. They are much nicer to read anyway, aren't they? Who really wants to read about my moping, I wouldn't. And from the title you might've guess what it will be about. Cupcakes! Yes! I am back in my crazy-cupcake-making-mood again.

I googled for the simplest possible muffin recipe because let's face it, I am no master in the kitchen. The simpler the better is my motto when it comes to anything involving food stuff and mixing them so they will produce something fit for humans to eat. This was the recipe I used. It's in Finnish but I bet you can use any simple muffin recipe. But... I wanted to add something special to it. So I had a look around my (very small) kitchen and tried to think of something to add to it. Peanut butter... no... chocolate... no... coconut flakes... no... frozen strawberries... YES! I added a strawberry in the middle of each muffin before I put them in the oven. The strawberries were still a bit frozen but not frozen solid.

They looked really great when they were ready and would've been perfect to eat just like that but I had my mind set on cupcakes so was of course going to decorate them. I whipped a kind of light custard sauce that you can buy readymade here in Finland so it's really fluffy and thick (it's called "Flora vanilla") and then spritzed that on the cupcakes. Added some pink sprinkles and cocoa powder on top and a small chocolate heart.

My friend came over right after I had made them and ate four in one go. So I can safely assume they tasted pretty yummy!


  1. Strawberries....I LOOOOVE strawberries! Or as we say in norwegian: Jordbær(I don`t know if the Norwegian special letter "Æ" will show up, lol)

    They look soo tasty, and super cute with those hearts! Could you put a muffin in a bubble envelope and send it to me? I`ll pay for stamps! ;P
    MLH <3

  2. Yes, strawberries sure are delicious. I might have to do these ones again in the summer so I can decorate with fresh strawberries!

  3. For someone who >thinks< she's not to skilled int he kitchen you're doing pretty darn well! Baking recipes are the hardest to modify because of the chemical reactions that take place (not like soup which is basically cooking play doh, lol). Those look divine both frosted and nekid!

  4. Oh that must be why my ex was an excellent cook but when he baked it wasn't such a success! I guess I just have lots of luck. I haven't baked much in my life but I have a apple pie that I sometimes make where I have modified the original recipe quite a lot.


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