20 Mar 2011

A weekend with no plans turned out great after all

On Friday I was whining to everyone who listened how I had no plans for the weekend and how much that annoyed me. I'm a person who needs to have plans and things to do because otherwise I can become very restless. I get bored if I just stay at home the whole weekend.

But as it happened this weekend turned out to be great after all and not the least bit boring!

On Friday I went out to one of the local pubs with a friend and we were supposed to just stay for a little while but of course stayed until they closed. And I bumped into a couple of other friends too. Had such a great time just chatting and learning to know my friends better.

On Saturday I was originally supposed to go to a party but that got cancelled. But another friend wanted to go out to a night club so that we did. And I met people who I hadn't met in about 15 years at the club. Absolutely crazy! It was a real blast from the past. And the funny thing was that these people hadn't changed one bit. Actually a bit scary.

Then today I had thought I'd just spend the day on the sofa watching dvds and yes, just doing nothing. But the weather was absolutely stunning so I just had to go out out for a walk in the sunshine. And the snow is finally melting for real it seems. I walked to a shopping centre and found a really cute dress. I have a huge thing for dresses lately.

The rest of the day I spent watching The Big Bang Theory. I recently bought the dvd box with the first three seasons. I think I am in love with Sheldon. But I'm pretty sure I am not the only one.

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