27 Mar 2011

Wine tasting with marshmallows

On Friday I went to a small, very informal wine tasting thing. I can't say I learned so much because my memory is so horrible and to be honest I'm not that interested in the different wines. I usually just go with whatever tastes okay to me (and yeah, I'm not too picky). But it was fun nevertheless!

Not sure what these are called but there was a different scent in each bottle so you could "train" your nose and try to figure out what the scent was. Things like strawberries, melon, blackcurrant bud (yep, bud!), liquorice, cut hay, smoked, leather. Very fun and interesting! And very hard. The only ones I recognised pretty easily was the fruits.

And then there was the thing with the marshmallows. For some very weird reason the discussion on Twitter recently went in the direction of marshmallows and wine and mixing the two. So... I had to try it. And here are the pictures as proof! My very professional opinion is that marshmallows clearly go well with Sauvignon Blanc. Cabernet Sauvignon definitely didn't go well together with them. So now you know. But after a couple of glasses marshmallows go with everything. Oh but Cava suited them the best.

And then a totally unrelated picture I found on my phone when I uploaded the wine tasting pictures... My friend told me "if anyone can rock them, it's you!" and made me try on these apple sunglasses in H&M.

No, I didn't buy them... Promise!!

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