25 Apr 2011

Oh Joy - positive thinking

I have probably mentioned this before but sometime late last year I decided to try to look at things more positively. I had been moping enough for a while I thought. I mean hello, no one's life is "perfect". No one has "everything". Or do they? Actually I think some people do. At least some of the time. And by that I mean they are happy with what they have and therefore don't continously crave for something better to come into their lives. I have my days when I feel like my life is very good. Never do I feel it's perfect though, but perhaps slowly getting towards that. Some days I fake it, I pretend to be happy. Put on a smile even if I don't feel like smiling. And you know what, after a while I might actually be smiling for real. That's how simple my brain is. I make it think I'm happy and then it forgets to be all emo. Doesn't work all the time, but still. I'm just a bit of a drama queen (and I'm kind of starting to like my ups and downs).

Today I spent some time on Copenhagen airport while waiting for my flight back home from visiting dear friends in Southern Sweden. I felt a little bit blah like I always do when returning from a trip. I have a weak spot for Pilgrim's jewellery and especially when I see a sale sign... This one necklace immediately caught my attention and I knew I needed it. I wanted to have it so I can wear it to remind me of what feeling never to forget.

A (sometimes perhaps fake) tear of joy

Some things that I am happy about now:

- my friends in real life and online, someone is always there for me when I need it
- the light and warmth of the spring sun and nature waking up again
- dresses with pretty flowers on them
- dresses with lace
- okay, all dresses. (and some skirts.)
- my friend's cute and kind collie puppy
- recipes for macarons (that might be too difficult for me to master, but don't tell me that yet, let me have my moment)
- Foo Fighters - Rope Deadmau5 Remix
- picnics and barbeques
- all upcoming concerts and festivals
- my dear friends' marriage next month (but if I cry someone needs to hit me a bit. Okay?)
- the few good dreams I've had lately (have had some weird and horrible nightmares...)
- that I apparently look good in my blonde hair even though I have the urge to change it

21 Apr 2011

Banana cocoa whipped cream cupcakes

Yesterday I had a few friends over for a visit and of course that meant I had to bake some cupcakes. This time I baked banana cupcakes with cocoa whipped cream topping. Very very yummy! The recipe I used was from a Swedish website. And then I just whipped some cream to which I added cocoa and sugar for topping and put some chopped Fazer milk chocolate on top.

19 Apr 2011

I got my Will! and also a Kate. About weddings and nail polishes.

I have never been very much into weddings. I have never dreamed about what my wedding would be like. I guess mainly because I've never really seen myself getting married. Not likely to happen, but who knows. Of course I am happy if I get invited to a wedding and go and usually have a good time too. But the traditional kind of wedding honestly really isn't my thing. The best weddings I've been to have been those that haven't completely fitted the mould and been different in some ways. Not as stiff I guess.

So why am I telling you this? Well the thing is there seems to be a romantic wedding gene in me after all. Last summer when Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden got married I got all excited and even bought some of the official wedding merchandise when I visited Stockholm. And then on the wedding day itself I watched it the whole day and drank sparkly wine and ate some cake. In front of the television. By myself. Seriously. How sad am I? But it was kind of fun too. She's my age and when I was a child I sometimes was daydreaming that she and her sister would come and play with me and my sister at our summer house. They'd come by boat from Sweden to our beach. Yep. Almost sounds like it could've happened, right? I'm sure we would've been great friends and had so much fun. Oh well, their loss.  

And now there is soon another royal wedding. A British one this time. Will gets his Kate. Or Kate gets her Will. And of course they have made lots of souvenirs and other things related to the wedding. Even nail polishes! Last month I posted that I really needed to get this one certain nail polish. Problem was that I couldn't buy it here in Finland and the brand doesn't ship to Finland. Well. Thank goodness for internet friends! I posted about it and got a friend in the UK to help me out. She then surprised me by also sending me another limited edition Royal Wedding nail polish. So I got my beloved Will and then a Kate to along with it. Can I ask for a better internet friend? I think not!

Look at them, aren't they gorgeous? 
Royal Wedding nail polishes. 
Kate Sapphire by Avon and Will Union Jack crystal nail polish by Nails Inc.

And then a quick swatch of Will Union Jack crystal nail polish by Nails Inc. This is taken in direct sunlight. It's an absolutely gorgeous red. I love red nail polish and even if I have plenty I always keep on buying more! But this bottle I had to have for the bottle itself. The polish applies beautifully though. This is my first Nails Inc polish and I wasn't disappointed.

18 Apr 2011

Have a soulful piece of my heart

Earlier tonight I happened to hear a pretty good version of the song Piece of My Heart on Americal Idol and they kept saying it's Janis Joplin's song. I had this feeling it wasn't (yes yes, I know Janis Joplin sang it, extremely well too, but originally?). So google, my friend, helped me out and I was (of course) right. The original version of the song was sang by Erma Franklin. Yep, Franklin. Aretha's sister actually. I knew it! (well I wouldn't have been able to tell you her name so I'm not that good after all...).

Have another little piece of my heart now, baby. 
Come on, take it!

Erma Franklin - Piece of My Heart
This video is from 1992 but the original version was recorded in 1967. 

12 Apr 2011

Ladybird nails aka realising my hand is not very steady

Today I got some (cheap) nail art brushes in the mail that I ordered from eBay. I wanted to try them out and needed to start with something easy. I remembered seeing a tutorial on how to do ladybirds on The Laquer Files and it looked easy enough. Well seems nothing is too easy when it comes to me trying to paint. How can my hand shake so much? How hard it is to paint a straight line, a thin straight line? Well pretty much and pretty difficult. But... practice might not make me perfect but surely better. So hope you will want to "enjoy" my next efforts as well.

The red I had painted last night. My favourite polish at the moment: China Glaze's Hey Sailor. Love love love it. The black is Zoya's Raven. Definitely my favourite black and the white is Mavala's 49 White.

Still. They are quite cute aren't they?

11 Apr 2011

Today this is perfection

Happiness is... - part 6

It's been far too long since I did a Happiness is... post. Almost a month! That is no good. No, I'm not saying I have been completely miserable that whole time but things and stuff have been happening that perhaps made me become a bit unbalanced for a little while.Well you know me, it's like that every now and then. Like for most other people I'm sure.

Today many small nice things reminded me of how the small things in life are the ones that can make a day good. Monday. How can that be good? Especially after hitting the snooze button for almost an hour in the morning because the cats kept me awake from before 6am and I had trouble falling asleep in the evening because thoughts running through my mind. It wasn't a day that in any way differed from most Mondays. Well, apart from those little things.

In the morning a Facebook fan page posted that they had a competition where the first 20 to comment won a small gift certificate for an online music store. And I won! Just 13 euros worth of music, but still. Very nice indeed. Now the dilemma of deciding what music to get! Suggestions are welcome!

After lunch I got an sms from a friend. Nothing very special, but it was a positive one. Apparently this affected my mood in some way because my colleague asked me with a smile on his face: "What is it that is making you so happy?". I guess I do wear my heart on my sleeve and even small changes in my mood clearly show. That or then I was singing to myself again. It's been known to happen. (Very softly and quietly though, otherwise people would be asking for ear plugs. Honestly.) I don't know why but it made me happy that he noticed that I was feeling pretty okay.

My craving for chocolate (or anything sweet) can sometimes be overwhelming. I know I am not the only one who knows how that feels. Chocolate... mmm... My Facebook status at one point today was the following: 

Happiness is... 
finding chocolate in your hand bag when you have a horrible craving for it.

This song. This performance. This artist.

Hmm... Come to think of it I have a feeling I've written a very similar post before. But hey, there can never be too many posts about small happy things. Right?

And my new duvet cover and pillow case. I fell in love with these on Thursday. And then I couldn't resist and bought them yesterday. Second time in my life that that has happened - falling in love with bedding. The brand is Pip Studio.

Just look at them... perfection.
Happy bed, happy me.

10 Apr 2011

Some thoughts on so called musical snobbery

(prepare for a lot me saying blah blah blah... zzzz...)

Pretty much every day I hear or read someone say a degrading comment about some artist or music genre or much worse: someone's musical taste. You know what I mean, right? This and that artist is "stupid", "how can you listen to such crappy music?" just to use very boring examples. Why do some people care so much what others listen to or like?

Of course there are differences in taste. Obviously! It would be impossible for everyone to like the same music. Not to mention extremely boring. But why is it such a problem for some if someone else wants to listen to something they think aren't good? I have never understood this. Does it make the person doing the belittling feel stronger or more important? Or perhaps smarter or better in some way? How sad is that. It's pretty much like bullying in a way, isn't it? Even though I'm quite sure most people don't see it that way. What I mean is that it has the same reasons as bullying, at least to some extent. We are sometimes mean and selfish human beings.

My opinion is that all music that someone gets enjoyment out of is good in it's own way. If you don't like some artist or some music then don't listen to it! It's not very hard. There is plenty of music I don't like, but I hope I don't tell someone else they are stupid for liking it or that I even think that!

Yes I know, they play music in stores, endure it or go out. Yes, your friend might like something you don't, just enjoy the fact they have something that makes them happy. Maybe even listen to it even once if they ask you to and hey, you might actually like it. Your Facebook friend might post a link to something that is sooo bad in your opinion, tough luck and if they do it so often you get too annoyed and want to rip out your hair, just hide them in your news feed. If you don't know how to do that, google! Don't go commenting on what they posted wondering how they can listen to it, that'll only show how narrow minded you are and embarass you, not show everyone how cool you are. Because honestly, it's never cool to say something bad about someone else. Is it? - It is? Well not according to me it's not.

I guess I just in general don't understand when people make it their problem what others do or get enjoyment out of. I've always liked some music that some people get a kick out of hating. When I was a kid I loved New Kids On The Block (NKOTB 4eva!), the boys in our class made fun of me and my friends (but secretly they were probably jealous and I never took their crap anyway). Now I love some music that according to some is supposed to be only loved by teenagers, like Paramore for instance (I say: see them live and you might understand why). So I guess that's one reason why it's hard for me to understand this. Plus I guess I'm the kind of person who believes in letting everyone be themselves and live their lives as they want as long as they don't hurt themselves or others.

To me it's a question of respect. If you respect someone, you aren't usually rude to them, are you?

One of my favourite quotes ever comes from an interview with Björk from 1995. "If you want to eat toast with jam for a week, and thats all you want to eat...DO IT!" She talks about "stupid" music vs "good" music and how you can't compare and say one thing is "stupid" and another isn't. All different things are needed and if someone wants to just enjoy one thing then let them do it. 

Björk on musical snobbery  

(I want to eat toast with jam now. And peanut butter. Oh and I have some in the fridge! But no toast... crap)
I love how she mentions 2 Unlimited! Oh how I have danced to that song a long long time ago at the school disco, with the "choreography" and everything. You know the arm movements she makes when she sings "No valley to deep, no mountain too high" etc? Yep indeed!

And yes, of course you can disagree with me. Like always. And you do! That's the good thing about opinions. (Although obviously mine is usually the right one.) 

On a somewhat different matter I need to say how excited I am about the upcoming summer and the concerts and festivals I'm going to! Need to make a post about that too soon. But in the meanwhile here is one of the artists I am looking forward to seeing: Janelle Monáe. I have enjoyed her music for a couple of years now and am very happy to see she is coming to Flow Festival in Helsinki this year. I guess that means she is what most would call "good music" since after all, Flow Festival is usually seen as a place for "hip" music. Is it not?
Janelle Monáe - Many Moons

5 Apr 2011

Newspaper nails!

I'm pretty sure most people think only women are interested in nail art. Am I right? I'm not a person who likes dividing things into female and male and therefore was very happily surprised when I during the last 24 hours have gotten not one but two nail art suggestions from two different male friends. Keep them coming guys! And girls! No, wait, I meant: keep them coming people!

So what did I do today? Newspaper nails! My friend sent me a picture and then I googled to find a tutorial about how they were done. I used this tutorial form youtube.

I needed vodka to do this. I had only gin. No way I'm wasting my gin. Thank goodness for a sister with too much vodka. And since I was just testing it out I used whatever newspaper page I first found. The radio and tv programme for today. The nail polish is H&M Happy Grey.

Cool, eh?

4 Apr 2011

New shoes!

Okay so I cannot be the only one who always(!) thinks of Leo when someone says "New shoes!". Leo? Yep:

I love Audrey Horne (and Agent Cooper, but that goes without saying).

My point was that I bought new shoes today. And apparently people want to see what they look like so...

Can you find shoes more "me" than these? And for those not too familiar with my style have a look at this previous post. When I saw them in the shop it didn't take long for me to decide to buy them. Oh and best thing about them? They were half price off!

2 Apr 2011

I was a ghost of a girl that I wanted to be most

Christina Perri - The Lonely 

2am, where do I begin
Crying off my face again
The silent sound of loneliness
Wants to follow me to bed

I'm a ghost of a girl
That I want to be most
I'm the shell of a girl
That I used to know well

Dancing slowly in an empty room
Can the lonely take the place of you
I sing myself a quiet lullaby
Let you go and let the lonely in
To take my heart again

Too afraid, to go inside
For the pain of one more loveless night
For the loneliness will stay with me
And hold me till I fall asleep

I'm a ghost of a girl
That I want to be most
I'm the shell of a girl
That I used to know well

Dancing slowly in an empty room
Can the lonely take the place of you
I sing myself a quiet lullaby

Let you go and let the lonely in
To take my heart again

Broken pieces of
A barely breathing story
Where there once was love
Now there's only me
And the lonely

Dancing slowly in an empty room
Can the lonely take the place of you
I sing myself a quiet lullaby
Let you go and let the lonely in
To take my heart again

I wouldn't be able to live without music. Without talented people who have the ability to write down such truths in their songs. I live through music most of the time. Music helps me think. It helps me understand. Myself and others. Helps me breathe. If only I could be able to express myself through music, but sadly there is not a musical bone in this body. So I only have to put my trust in the talent of others and enjoy their work. Which I gladly do.

When I heard The Lonely by Christina Perri for the first time just earlier today my heart ached. Physcially. I can feel her pain. I understand exactly what she is singing about. No, I'm not saying that is the place I am in now, but still. I know what she means. 100%.

Loneliness is something you have to let in. You have to learn to love it. Give your heart to it. If you let it take over without letting it in: it will destroy you. And sometimes it does. Destroy you. At least for a while. It's not until you feel safe in the arms of loneliness that you will learn to love it. I might still have a little to go even though I already thought I had opened my heart to it.

But I am no ghost.
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