19 Apr 2011

I got my Will! and also a Kate. About weddings and nail polishes.

I have never been very much into weddings. I have never dreamed about what my wedding would be like. I guess mainly because I've never really seen myself getting married. Not likely to happen, but who knows. Of course I am happy if I get invited to a wedding and go and usually have a good time too. But the traditional kind of wedding honestly really isn't my thing. The best weddings I've been to have been those that haven't completely fitted the mould and been different in some ways. Not as stiff I guess.

So why am I telling you this? Well the thing is there seems to be a romantic wedding gene in me after all. Last summer when Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden got married I got all excited and even bought some of the official wedding merchandise when I visited Stockholm. And then on the wedding day itself I watched it the whole day and drank sparkly wine and ate some cake. In front of the television. By myself. Seriously. How sad am I? But it was kind of fun too. She's my age and when I was a child I sometimes was daydreaming that she and her sister would come and play with me and my sister at our summer house. They'd come by boat from Sweden to our beach. Yep. Almost sounds like it could've happened, right? I'm sure we would've been great friends and had so much fun. Oh well, their loss.  

And now there is soon another royal wedding. A British one this time. Will gets his Kate. Or Kate gets her Will. And of course they have made lots of souvenirs and other things related to the wedding. Even nail polishes! Last month I posted that I really needed to get this one certain nail polish. Problem was that I couldn't buy it here in Finland and the brand doesn't ship to Finland. Well. Thank goodness for internet friends! I posted about it and got a friend in the UK to help me out. She then surprised me by also sending me another limited edition Royal Wedding nail polish. So I got my beloved Will and then a Kate to along with it. Can I ask for a better internet friend? I think not!

Look at them, aren't they gorgeous? 
Royal Wedding nail polishes. 
Kate Sapphire by Avon and Will Union Jack crystal nail polish by Nails Inc.

And then a quick swatch of Will Union Jack crystal nail polish by Nails Inc. This is taken in direct sunlight. It's an absolutely gorgeous red. I love red nail polish and even if I have plenty I always keep on buying more! But this bottle I had to have for the bottle itself. The polish applies beautifully though. This is my first Nails Inc polish and I wasn't disappointed.


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