12 Apr 2011

Ladybird nails aka realising my hand is not very steady

Today I got some (cheap) nail art brushes in the mail that I ordered from eBay. I wanted to try them out and needed to start with something easy. I remembered seeing a tutorial on how to do ladybirds on The Laquer Files and it looked easy enough. Well seems nothing is too easy when it comes to me trying to paint. How can my hand shake so much? How hard it is to paint a straight line, a thin straight line? Well pretty much and pretty difficult. But... practice might not make me perfect but surely better. So hope you will want to "enjoy" my next efforts as well.

The red I had painted last night. My favourite polish at the moment: China Glaze's Hey Sailor. Love love love it. The black is Zoya's Raven. Definitely my favourite black and the white is Mavala's 49 White.

Still. They are quite cute aren't they?


  1. Aaaww, Parakeet, that is totally ADORABLE, I love them! :-)
    I think you did a great job, it is not easy to use the wrong hand to do nail art, but you pulled it off! I loved your newspapernails too!
    Hugs, MLH <3

  2. Ah, lovely! From one ladybird to another...

  3. That looks so awesome! :) I loooove ladybirds, I have so much jewellery with them. :P


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