25 Apr 2011

Oh Joy - positive thinking

I have probably mentioned this before but sometime late last year I decided to try to look at things more positively. I had been moping enough for a while I thought. I mean hello, no one's life is "perfect". No one has "everything". Or do they? Actually I think some people do. At least some of the time. And by that I mean they are happy with what they have and therefore don't continously crave for something better to come into their lives. I have my days when I feel like my life is very good. Never do I feel it's perfect though, but perhaps slowly getting towards that. Some days I fake it, I pretend to be happy. Put on a smile even if I don't feel like smiling. And you know what, after a while I might actually be smiling for real. That's how simple my brain is. I make it think I'm happy and then it forgets to be all emo. Doesn't work all the time, but still. I'm just a bit of a drama queen (and I'm kind of starting to like my ups and downs).

Today I spent some time on Copenhagen airport while waiting for my flight back home from visiting dear friends in Southern Sweden. I felt a little bit blah like I always do when returning from a trip. I have a weak spot for Pilgrim's jewellery and especially when I see a sale sign... This one necklace immediately caught my attention and I knew I needed it. I wanted to have it so I can wear it to remind me of what feeling never to forget.

A (sometimes perhaps fake) tear of joy

Some things that I am happy about now:

- my friends in real life and online, someone is always there for me when I need it
- the light and warmth of the spring sun and nature waking up again
- dresses with pretty flowers on them
- dresses with lace
- okay, all dresses. (and some skirts.)
- my friend's cute and kind collie puppy
- recipes for macarons (that might be too difficult for me to master, but don't tell me that yet, let me have my moment)
- Foo Fighters - Rope Deadmau5 Remix
- picnics and barbeques
- all upcoming concerts and festivals
- my dear friends' marriage next month (but if I cry someone needs to hit me a bit. Okay?)
- the few good dreams I've had lately (have had some weird and horrible nightmares...)
- that I apparently look good in my blonde hair even though I have the urge to change it


  1. Aaww, what a wonderfull post you made, Parakeet! Being positive is really helpfull when life feels a bit dreary...Good job!
    And I love the necklace you got, SO cute and uplifting!

    Hugz MLH, (from the forum around the corner, lol)

  2. Thanks MLH! :) Yeah, I'm sure it doesn't work for everyone and I know it annoys some people but it usually works for me. And I do think it sometimes rubs off a bit on other people too ;)

  3. You know, the recent economic woes of the world, wide spread fighting against political oppression and then all the horrible natural disasters occurring are sometimes almost overwhelmingly depressing, but over all, they have made me pretty damn happy just to be warm, dry, fed and able to keep the power on for lights and the 'puter as I paint my nails. Life IS good. It needs to be appreciated more by me.

  4. You are so right, Sandi. I often notice how selfish I can be and just think about my own smallish issues and forget how good I have it. Some people's whole life gets destroyed in one moment and they lose everything, even family members and I worry about really stupid stuff compared to that. Of course everyone has their own life to live and their own problems. Something that is difficult for one person is easy for someone else. So I also think that problems shouldn't be compared. But yes, I should definitely also appreciate my life more. I am healthy, have a job and a home, friends, parents and sister and a possibility to do pretty much everything I want. I have nothing to complain about?


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