10 Apr 2011

Some thoughts on so called musical snobbery

(prepare for a lot me saying blah blah blah... zzzz...)

Pretty much every day I hear or read someone say a degrading comment about some artist or music genre or much worse: someone's musical taste. You know what I mean, right? This and that artist is "stupid", "how can you listen to such crappy music?" just to use very boring examples. Why do some people care so much what others listen to or like?

Of course there are differences in taste. Obviously! It would be impossible for everyone to like the same music. Not to mention extremely boring. But why is it such a problem for some if someone else wants to listen to something they think aren't good? I have never understood this. Does it make the person doing the belittling feel stronger or more important? Or perhaps smarter or better in some way? How sad is that. It's pretty much like bullying in a way, isn't it? Even though I'm quite sure most people don't see it that way. What I mean is that it has the same reasons as bullying, at least to some extent. We are sometimes mean and selfish human beings.

My opinion is that all music that someone gets enjoyment out of is good in it's own way. If you don't like some artist or some music then don't listen to it! It's not very hard. There is plenty of music I don't like, but I hope I don't tell someone else they are stupid for liking it or that I even think that!

Yes I know, they play music in stores, endure it or go out. Yes, your friend might like something you don't, just enjoy the fact they have something that makes them happy. Maybe even listen to it even once if they ask you to and hey, you might actually like it. Your Facebook friend might post a link to something that is sooo bad in your opinion, tough luck and if they do it so often you get too annoyed and want to rip out your hair, just hide them in your news feed. If you don't know how to do that, google! Don't go commenting on what they posted wondering how they can listen to it, that'll only show how narrow minded you are and embarass you, not show everyone how cool you are. Because honestly, it's never cool to say something bad about someone else. Is it? - It is? Well not according to me it's not.

I guess I just in general don't understand when people make it their problem what others do or get enjoyment out of. I've always liked some music that some people get a kick out of hating. When I was a kid I loved New Kids On The Block (NKOTB 4eva!), the boys in our class made fun of me and my friends (but secretly they were probably jealous and I never took their crap anyway). Now I love some music that according to some is supposed to be only loved by teenagers, like Paramore for instance (I say: see them live and you might understand why). So I guess that's one reason why it's hard for me to understand this. Plus I guess I'm the kind of person who believes in letting everyone be themselves and live their lives as they want as long as they don't hurt themselves or others.

To me it's a question of respect. If you respect someone, you aren't usually rude to them, are you?

One of my favourite quotes ever comes from an interview with Björk from 1995. "If you want to eat toast with jam for a week, and thats all you want to eat...DO IT!" She talks about "stupid" music vs "good" music and how you can't compare and say one thing is "stupid" and another isn't. All different things are needed and if someone wants to just enjoy one thing then let them do it. 

Björk on musical snobbery  

(I want to eat toast with jam now. And peanut butter. Oh and I have some in the fridge! But no toast... crap)
I love how she mentions 2 Unlimited! Oh how I have danced to that song a long long time ago at the school disco, with the "choreography" and everything. You know the arm movements she makes when she sings "No valley to deep, no mountain too high" etc? Yep indeed!

And yes, of course you can disagree with me. Like always. And you do! That's the good thing about opinions. (Although obviously mine is usually the right one.) 

On a somewhat different matter I need to say how excited I am about the upcoming summer and the concerts and festivals I'm going to! Need to make a post about that too soon. But in the meanwhile here is one of the artists I am looking forward to seeing: Janelle Monáe. I have enjoyed her music for a couple of years now and am very happy to see she is coming to Flow Festival in Helsinki this year. I guess that means she is what most would call "good music" since after all, Flow Festival is usually seen as a place for "hip" music. Is it not?
Janelle Monáe - Many Moons


  1. You said it sister!
    Det finns inger rätt och fel, dumt och bra, gott och ont. Allt handlar om åsikter och perspektiv.
    Själv var jag ett hc Take That-fan back in the day, som jag förstås fick höra var supertramsigt. Roligt i efterhand med sånt där skitprat, speciellt när Robbie Williams nu är coolast på jorden ;)

  2. Robbie <3

    Jag medger att jag ingalunda är perfekt när det kommer till detta och ibland säkert sagt något som kan tolkas som nedlåtande el.dyl. när någon sagt de gillat något och jag blivit förvånad. Men jag hoppas (och tror att) jag inte gör det ofta och att jag då inser hur dum i huvudet jag är när jag reagerar så.

  3. Ingen är väl perfekt, och det är ju ganska härligt det! Bara du vet (och det gör jag iaf) att du inte menar illa. :)

  4. Så sant så! Det är nog sällan jag menar illa. Så där i största allmänhet.


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