11 Apr 2011

Today this is perfection

Happiness is... - part 6

It's been far too long since I did a Happiness is... post. Almost a month! That is no good. No, I'm not saying I have been completely miserable that whole time but things and stuff have been happening that perhaps made me become a bit unbalanced for a little while.Well you know me, it's like that every now and then. Like for most other people I'm sure.

Today many small nice things reminded me of how the small things in life are the ones that can make a day good. Monday. How can that be good? Especially after hitting the snooze button for almost an hour in the morning because the cats kept me awake from before 6am and I had trouble falling asleep in the evening because thoughts running through my mind. It wasn't a day that in any way differed from most Mondays. Well, apart from those little things.

In the morning a Facebook fan page posted that they had a competition where the first 20 to comment won a small gift certificate for an online music store. And I won! Just 13 euros worth of music, but still. Very nice indeed. Now the dilemma of deciding what music to get! Suggestions are welcome!

After lunch I got an sms from a friend. Nothing very special, but it was a positive one. Apparently this affected my mood in some way because my colleague asked me with a smile on his face: "What is it that is making you so happy?". I guess I do wear my heart on my sleeve and even small changes in my mood clearly show. That or then I was singing to myself again. It's been known to happen. (Very softly and quietly though, otherwise people would be asking for ear plugs. Honestly.) I don't know why but it made me happy that he noticed that I was feeling pretty okay.

My craving for chocolate (or anything sweet) can sometimes be overwhelming. I know I am not the only one who knows how that feels. Chocolate... mmm... My Facebook status at one point today was the following: 

Happiness is... 
finding chocolate in your hand bag when you have a horrible craving for it.

This song. This performance. This artist.

Hmm... Come to think of it I have a feeling I've written a very similar post before. But hey, there can never be too many posts about small happy things. Right?

And my new duvet cover and pillow case. I fell in love with these on Thursday. And then I couldn't resist and bought them yesterday. Second time in my life that that has happened - falling in love with bedding. The brand is Pip Studio.

Just look at them... perfection.
Happy bed, happy me.


  1. catching up... :) Vilka underbara lakan!!!! Varifrån är de?

  2. Köpte dem på Galna Dagar.


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