24 May 2011

Bang Bang Bang

I don't believe in revenge. Sometimes it would be easier though. And it's not like the thought never crosses my mind on occasion. But I guess I am one of those naive people who think people are good, that they don't mean to hurt others. Perhaps they just don't understand and that is why they do it. But time and time again? 

And at the same time I do want to believe in karma. What goes around comes and bites you or pats you on the back. If you treat someone well and with respect they will eventually see it? Some people just never do though. But. In the end.

These were just some random thoughts that came to me while listening to my favourite song of the evening. Christina Perri's Bang Bang Bang (figuratively speaking). I'm not plotting revenge on anyone nor do I wish bad things to happen to anyone (even though I've been in a weird mood the whole evening). But I do wish people in general, myself obviously included, would treat others with more respect. And when I think negative things about people I just wish I could switch off my brain.

(and today I was told I should ALWAYS as in all the time and every single time I write something use spellcheck. Well guess what? I never do. Oops and sorry)

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