29 May 2011

Green leopard nails with a twist and a bling

Recently I saw these amazing nails done by Charming Nails. I was inspired by them and wanted to do something in the same style but with my still a bit limited talents. It did take a little while to do these nails since I've never really done as many layers before.

Here is how I did it for those it might interest:

After the base coat I first I painted the whole nail with Orly's It's Not Rocket Science (two coats), then fast dry top coat (I usually use Seche Vite), then stamped the whole nail with the leopard print from Konad's m57 plate using Konad's black polish. Then another coat of top coat. Painted the tips diagonally with Pieces Accessories Kryptonite. Put a small ail art crystal on each nail (the polish was still wet so it stuck well to it). Then took a nail art brush and painted a line to cover the line between the two polishes with Alix Avien 169. And last another coat of top coat. 

And then I found a dress matching them colourwise pretty well too.


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