9 May 2011

High on life - Limitless?

Tonight I went to see the film Limitless. I gave it 7/10. I am very intrigued by the main theme of the film but somehow it didn't go all the way and some things didn't make sense. Not really going to talk about the movie itself so much, but in case you don't want to know anything about it and the main theme etc:

*warning, warning, all kinds of blinking lights, possible spoilers ahead* 

In the film Bradley Cooper (he's quite yummy yes, especially with long hair when he's supposed to be super-mega-unattractive-lazy-ass-good-for-nothing-hobo-looking guy) takes this drug that makes it possible for him to use the whole capacity of his brain. That would be quite trippy I can imagine. To suddenly know everything you have ever read and understand everything you have ever seen or heard and combine all this knowledge so you'd soon know pretty much everything. Plus how to use it all to your own advantage. Not bad, eh?

Although that might be absolutely wonderful to experience, I'm pretty sure I'd never have the courage to take that kind of drug even if it existed. Never say never of course but so far in my life I've never taken any kind of illegal drug and I am very unlikely ever to do so. I am even scared to take normal prescription drugs if there is any chance they will make me feel weird in some way. I had to stop taking mild sleep aid medicines because of this. Seriously freaked out once because of them and I'm guessing it wasn't even the medicine, it was probably just all in my head. Plus, what would be the fun in knowing everything (keep telling myself that).

Well anyway, what I was going to say was that when the main character (yumyum) took the drug and all of a sudden saw everything "clearly" I could recognize that feeling. Yes, the fictional character was supposed to act like that because he used the whole of his brain but to me it looked the same as I sometimes (very briefly) feel when I'm feeling completely happy. High on life. Walking very lightly and proudly, almost with the nose in the air because you feel like you are the queen of everything. Those short moments, that sometimes can be hours, even a day maybe. When everything looks and feels clear and you know everything's going to be all right. You feel invincible. Nothing will bring you down. But then something does. Reality.

Films tend to easily affect me in different ways (hey, what doesn't?). I guess this one did that too. Or it wasn't just the film, but I'm sure it played a part. I had been on a pretty okay high since Friday. Had a great weekend and fun evening today. Then when I came home the effects of the imagined drug wore off and I just felt very empty. But you know. In two minutes a new day starts and new possibilities lie ahead. New chances to get that great feeling again.

To take the pill that'll make you feel limitless is perhaps not the answer after all?

picture taken from here (lots and lots of spoilers there) 

Am very sorry for the quite objectifying comments about the main characters appearance. 
Well not very. 
Just a bit. 
A tiny one. 
After all he was a pretty convincing actor too.

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