17 May 2011

Lovebirds printed on shopping bag

This weekend I had the honour of being invited to my friends' wedding in Denmark. They said they didn't want any gifts, but obviously I wanted to give them something. I had a couple of different ideas but then went for textile printing. I attended a course in textile printing a couple of years ago and haven't done any printing since so was a bit rusty. But it turned out pretty cute anyway. The wedding couple seemed to appreciate the gift as well.

I bought a simple cotton shopping bag and printed the pictures using stencils I made. The birds I had made earlier while I did the course (and the design is very much inspired by the bird in artist Robyn's logo in case someone thinks it looks familiar) but the heart and the Roman numerals I did now.


  1. What a great idea and thoughtful gift. Lovely!

  2. Gift very much appreciated!!
    Tack vännen! Det var som handsken på handen för oss, använder textilbags hela tiden. Gillar gåvor med tanke bakom, de är de bästa.
    Kram :)


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