17 May 2011

Matching nails to dress?

I got the idea of trying to do matching nails to a dress I have. And yes, they did match. Maybe even too much in my opinion. It just became too much, so once I had taken the picture I removed the polish. I think I am a little bit bored of the crackle polishes by now...

The polishes used are H&M Beige (from a Spring Nails collection with three other polishes) and the P2 Crackling top coat Black Explosion.


  1. I'm so copying this tonight! :D

  2. Looks really awesome with that outfit. Your quite a nail artist my dear Banana :)

  3. Thank you! :)

    And seems Blogger has deleted some other comments I saw were here earlier... So sorry I wasn't able to respond to those but thank you to those who posted! I'm glad that people enjoy my attempts at nail art. :)

  4. And now it looks like this post is my latest even though it isn't. But nevermind... :)


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