8 May 2011

Nature (and me) waking up

Happiness is... - part 7

Today the weather was absolutely amazing. Really summery! Nature is really waking up fast now. It's gotten so much greener this past few days it's unbeliveable. I once again remembered how much I love late spring and early summer. Definitely my favourite time of the year.

I first spent some time with a dear friend and her lovely daughter in the park and had some ice creams. And even if I might've mentioned it before I have to say that her baby is seriously the cutest and most loveable in the world. If all babies would be like her everyone would want to have one. Yes, even me! (Omg, what did I say? Faint!!) So I guess it's good not everyone is as adorable. This planet is overpopulated as it is. 

In the park I was wearing jeans and trainers and a t-shirt and felt that was too much. It was really warm! Well okay, it was like 20°C, but that is warm for Finland and early May. So before heading to my parents' summer house I changed into a summer dress and sandals. And then I walked around barefoot at the summer house. Happiness!

This weekend has been a really good one. Thank you to all who helped make it good. And thank you to nature for doing the rest to make it even better.

Lo and behold! My first ever (blog) picture collage.

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