22 Jun 2011

De-stressing myself with music

Today I have felt stressed most of the day. For several reasons. In a way I like feeling a little bit stressed sometimes because I'm much more efficient at work at those times. But at the same time it is wearing me out quite fast. Plus I easily start being a bit mean to the people closest to me. And that I hate. But I was very glad to notice that someone who has recently become very important to me could read this stress in the right way and not be offended. 

Music can be very therapeutic when I'm feeling like this. Well music is always good for me. Now I've been listening to Wolf Gang's acoustic version of Back to Back on repeat a couple of times and just trying to relax on the sofa. It's starting to kick in. Soon I have energy to continue with everything I need to get done. Or perhaps I'll be so relaxed I'll just chill instead and forget about all those things. We'll see.

I was reading a Finnish music blog Stop, shake, honey, go and was reminded of Wolf Gang whose music I found some months ago. I was sure I had mentioned Wolf Gang in some blog post but I guess I hadn't because I can't find anything.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should pre-order a limited edition of Wolf Gang's The King And All Of His Men on vinyl... yes or no? One of life's big decisions.

Oh and on the same blog I found a new band to me called Fucked Up. Yep, pretty name. Apparently a Canadian hardcore punk band. Hmm I thought... not really what I normally would listen to perhaps. Well I just had a look at what seems to be their newest(?) video called Queen Of Hearts. Oh I think I'm liking this. Cool concept. And on to Spotify with me... from de-stressing music to pretty much the opposite, but who cares! Seems interesting.

"Hello, your name is David, I am Veronica."

And I saw Britney had a new music video out... must check out that one too! Probably need some simple poppy pop pop after the hardcore punk. Don't you think?

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