2 Jun 2011

Pretty much perfect almost weekend

Today is a public holiday here in Finland and it really feels like this week got a weekend extra. I hadn't really planned anything but ended up having a fun and wonderful time with people important to me.

Here are some pictures taken with my phone, from last night and today.

These things along...

...and in the river I noticed last night while walking into town with my friend.

Mini pub crawl

The Aura River is something special during a summer night

Nightly 4am shadows on the pavement

An impromptu birthday party

A real princess garden party.

Bedtime story time for the smallest party goer.

...on the way home I admired the natural wonders of early summer.


  1. Your pictures are amazing! And you take them with a phone??? You need to invest in a good camera, you have a rare talent for finding beauty in everything.

  2. Thank you Sandi! That is very kind of you and I'm very happy to hear someone thinks that of my pictures. I love taking pictures but am not always so sure I have any talent. I do have two "real" cameras, one pocket camera and one digital SLR camera (and many pictures in this blog are taken with those two as well) but it's just when I'm out walking I usually just have my phone with me and luckily the camera on it is pretty good too (main reason why I bought that phone and not another model actually). But I will surely take out my dslr camera for a walk at some point this summer. :)


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