23 Jan 2012

Not splitting, but splatting nails

I keep seeing these really cool nail designs, called splatter nails, and even though I haven't been doing much nail art lately I wanted to have a go. Since I pretty much knew I would make a huge mess and not be satisfied I made them with some cheaper nail polishes. Turned out quite funky though.

Base colour is L.A. Colors Color Craze in Tahiti Sunrise. The splatter is made with three small H&M polishes that may or may not have come in some set, they are called Dazzling Jade, Yellow and Purple.

My nails were already painted when I started so didn't have to do the base now. Then what I did was pour out a small amount of polish on a paper plate. Then I took a slim plastic drinking straw and put it over one of the nails and blew in the other end (obviously not the end with the polish!) of the straw. Did this with one colour on each nail and then waited a while for it to dry a bit. After that I repeated the same thing with the two other colours. Finished everything with a top coat.

After that... I had to clean up a huge mess on my fingers. Next time I might put some tape around the nails to cover and protect the skin and cuticles at least to some extent.

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