26 Feb 2012

Owl cupcakes

I first saw owl cupcakes on Pinterest (repinned the pic here) and fell in love with their cuteness. After googling I saw many other similar takes on these cupcakes. Adorable small yummy sweet things! Tomorrow I have friends coming over for coffee so I thought it'd be perfect to try these out. I made chocolate cupcakes and covered them with chocolate mousse and then divided sandwich cookies (or whatever you want to call them, like Oreo or Domino here in Finland) and made the eyes out of them. Put a chocolate candy in the middle of each eye, and a smarties, m&m's type of candy as the beak. So simple and yet so different!

20 Feb 2012

Almost baked pink almost birthday cake

One of my dearest friends had her birthday last Friday and I promised her a pink mudcake. Unfortunately I couldn't celebrate her on Friday or on the weekend but luckily we could celebrate today instead. I cheated with the mudcake due to there being no time to bake one (I was gone the weekend and worked today) plus the fact that I've actually never made a mudcake so felt it was a bit too risky!

I bought the cake ready made! But I did decorate it. Pink! Whipped some cream that I coloured pink and then spritzed that into some sort of heart shape and around the edges. Finally added some candy, sprinkles and other cake decorations. Not very professional work but pink and cute and most importantly it tasted yummy!

19 Feb 2012

Winter walk

We spent the weekend further up north in Finland, and there was lots of snow there. Much more than here in Turku before we left on Friday. When we returned today this was not the case anymore. So much snow! And it just kept on coming. Beautiful. The first thing we did was shovel snow for about 15 minutes to clear a parking space for the car. Then we went for a long evening walk in the beautiful snowy city landscape. I (of course) had to stop every two minutes to snap a picture with my phone. Here are some of them.

The main library

Pharmacy museum

Someone had built a snowman on a bridge

Benches covered in snow by the Aura River

The flash made the snowflakes look like falling lights

A shrub with some dried flowers lit up by the flash

15 Feb 2012

Revamp of a lamp

A long time ago I've bought a lamp from Ikea (where else) on sale for pretty much nothing. The lamp shade is pink which is a nice colour but not really my colour. So I had an idea of redoing it. My initial idea was to glue buttons on it. I have a lot of different random buttons that have come with clothes I've bought so this might be a way of actually using them for something. That idea I saw on Pinterest.

But then it would still be pink, right? So maybe somehow paint it before I glue on the buttons? I have absolutely no idea of how you are supposed to paint a lamp shade in the "correct" way but since this one was made out of thick paper I thought something that you paint on paper will probably do.

At this same time I had this brilliant idea of doing some paintings for the bed room. I know! Crazy. I blame my friends in Denmark who introduced the thought in my brain when I visited them and managed to get me painting by pouring enough red wine in me. It was so much fun! Who cares if the so called paintings look like a five year old made them? (And this is why they would be in the bed room, hidden from most people's eyes...).

Okay so ideas of lamp shade decorating and red wine fumed painting combined equals me buying some acrylic paint and painting the lamp shade. I painted it twice to cover all the pink in a matte grey shade. The lamp shade had some holes that I made a bit bigger using a pin once the paint had dried. I also changed the lamp bulb from a bullet shaped to a globe shaped one. Once it was finished I didn't want to glue any buttons on it anymore since I really liked how it looked. Simple and perfect for my vintage bedside table.

Some pictures of the lamp follow. And yes, now I realise the lamp is crooked... Oh well, no lamp is perfect. Or maybe it's the wall. I'm sure it is the wall. Or... the camera!

Before and after

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