8 Mar 2012

So much cake.

Today there was cake on the menu. Lots of it. I feel like I never want to have cake again (ask me again tomorrow though, just to be sure. I might be able to squeeze in a slice or two). My boyfriend's birthday was yesterday and today we had guests over for some birthday celebrations so I made a cake (or three).

Three cakes. Sounds like a lot? Sure, but we were four people eating them after all. So there really should've been (at least) four cakes, right? Maybe I am thinking of cupcakes...

Two of the cakes were so called sandwich cakes (smörgåstårta in Swedish, voileipäkakku in Finnish). I doubt these cakes are made in many other countries but they are layered cakes with sandwich fillings/spreads. I made one with tuna filling and one with ham. The recipes came from lots of improvising and tasting. I have never made a smörgåstårta before and after trying to find a recipe I wanted to try I realised it was probably easiest just to improvise because there were as many recipes as cooks it seemed.

The third was a sweet cake which I found the recipe for in a Finnish cake blog (Kinuskikissa). She covered the cake in marzipan but it seemed a bit too elaborate for a baking beginner like me so I just made a more basic icing.

All three cakes seemed to be very much appreciated and I will surely make them again. The sandwich cakes will probably not taste the same next time since I don't remember the "recipe" but the orange cake will be as yummy I'm sure. And I'm already thinking about making orange cupcakes at some point. I'm sure the recipe could be converted to a cupcake recipe quite easily.    

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