13 Mar 2012

Sweet feathery fluffy dreams lamp

The world is filled with people who are amazingly creative and have the greatest ideas. I am not very good at coming up with these unique ideas myself but luckily there is this thing called the internet where people share their projects and work.

Some time ago I found this blog called Ikea Hackers, a site where people share their personalised Ikea products. One Ikea product that many have made their own versions of is the Regolit lamp shade (the round paper shade, I'm sure you have seen it).

There are some pretty impressive creations made with this lamp shade. The one I fell for the most (in terms of perhaps-it's-actually-possible-for-me-to-do and that it looked beautiful) was one I didn't actually find on that blog. It might be there though since there are so many hacks for Regolit, but I saw it through Pinterest and it led me to the original blog post. I changed it a little bit. I didn't have wax paper (not even sure I know what it exactly is?) so used ordinary baking paper on a roll instead. And put on more and I think smaller paper "petals" to give the shade an even fluffier look. So I just cut pieces of the baking paper and taped them on with clear tape. Took me about four hours or so.

Now this creation is hanging over our bed. And I must say I think it looks pretty cool if you ask me!


Before (picture from Ikea.com)

Lights off

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