28 Oct 2013

Halloween me times two

I've been to two Halloween parties in my whole life. First time three years ago and the second time last year. Halloween is getting bigger here in Finland, but it's still not something everyone celebrates every year.

Both times I went to a Halloween party, I first searched the internet to find a look I could get inspired by and perhaps recreate at least some parts of. My makeup skills are pretty limited after all, so I tried to look for things that would make me look very different but would be easy enough to do.

Since I've at times been in blog hiding, I haven't posted the Halloween looks here so thought this might be a good time to share what I did. It's not every day I put as much effort into my makeup. Just today I got asked if I'm still ill since my eyes look so bad. Thanks, but I'm just not wearing any makeup... 

The look I went for last year was inspired by several skeleton or skull looks I found on Pinterest. This pin in particular was what made me want to try to do something related to that theme.

skeleton inspired makeup - photo by Mr A.

For the outfit I got a couple of very affordable things off eBay, the skeleton hand hair pins, a skull dress and skeleton tights. The wig I had from my first Halloween outfit. All in all very cheap outfit.

For my first Halloween party I found the inspiration in one of my favourite Youtube channels: Julia Graf aka MissChievous. Her Dead Creepy Doll look was something I wanted to try out. You can't really see the eye makeup so well in the picture, but I thought it was pretty cool with red and blue veins around my eyes. Quite creepy.

dead doll inspired makeup - photo by Sister J.

To complete the look I got a cheap wig off eBay and a dress on sale that I thought fit the theme.

No Halloween party invitations or plans for this year so I doubt there'll be a new look anytime soon. But who knows, maybe next year! And I might do some Halloween inspired nails if nothing else. We'll see. I did do Halloween nails last year so have to dig in my pictures to see if I find the pictures.

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