29 Oct 2013

Skulls on nails

A year ago when I was browsing Youtube for nail art designs with skulls or skeletons for my Halloween outfit I saw this easy and cool looking nail art tutorial by SimpleNailArtDesigns and decided to try it out. 

Unfortunately I don't remember which exact nail polishes I used, but since it's just very basic black and white it doesn't really matter.

I did have a small brush and a dotting tool to make the design. Which reminds me I should get a new small brush in case I want to do nail art in the future, I think I threw mine out when I went through my nail accessories last time since it looked so bad.

Quite impressive design with not so much effort. I think almost anyone could do this with just a little practice. 


  1. It's a great skull mani :)
    You do know that you have that annoying word verification turned on...?

    1. Thanks! :)

      Oh, I haven't checked the comments settings in ages, thanks will do that right away!


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