17 Nov 2013

Adventures in honey pomelo-land

Some days ago while in the supermarket fruit section I was tempted by an offer for a fruit called honey pomelo. I've seen them before, but never tried them. So now that they were on offer I thought it's a perfect opportunity to make a new acquaintance.  The fruit weighed over 1 kg.

What I hadn't noticed in the supermarket was that it was packaged in not only mesh (which I obviously did notice) but also in plastic. Seem a bit of an overkill. Even the cat is wondering what is up.

Since a pomelo is a citrus fruit I thought I'd peel it the same way as an orange. By the way, I don't eat oranges very often because I'm too lazy to peel them. But peeling oranges is nothing compared to peeling a pomelo... I think it must've taken me about half an hour before I had it all peeled. So much work! But I did get a huge pile of pomelo pulp as a reward. 

Unsurprisingly the honey pomelo tastes like a citrus fruit. A little bit like a grapefruit, but a much more subtle taste and without the bitterness. Quite a gentle taste, more sweet than sour.

I had this very clever idea to bake breakfast muffins and put some pomelo in the dough. I tasted the dough before I put them in the oven and thought it tasted pretty yummy. Once they were done the taste had changed. And definitely not for the better. Such a bitter aftertaste. I couldn't eat them. Such a shame. I won't even bother writing down the recipe here. Glad that Mr A. isn't as picky and gladly (or so he said) ate them.

I will try similar muffins with blueberry or something more "safe". I think the recipe I did might otherwise be a good base for healthier, breakfasty muffins. Rolled oats, wheat bran and no sugar (honey and bananas instead). As we have no eggs left and there is a storm rising outside I'll probably have to wait to some other day before I make another experiment with the recipe. 

I still have lots of pomelo pulp in the fridge so will have some for breakfast without trying to make it into something else. As with most fruit, I have now learned it's best to eat as it is and not mess with nature!

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