23 Nov 2013

Bringing some light into the darkness

I love warm, sunny spring and summer. Not a big fan of cold, dark autumn and winter. But on days when the sun appears even the darkest day gets lit up and the world is beautiful.

Back home in Turku we don't have snow yet, so it's very dark after the sun sets. The days have mainly been cloudy and rainy lately so it's dark during the day too. When we drove up further north yesterday it was extremely dark until the last kilometers, when the snow appeared on the ground. It clearly helped bring some light to the many dark hours.

There's not much snow here yet, barely even covering the ground. The green grass is still easily working it's way through the thin layer. But snow nevertheless. And today the sun fought away the clouds and brought some warmth during the couple of hours of the short November day.

Sun peaking through the window and waking me up after sleeping in til after 10 am. I love Saturday mornings!

The sun never rises high up on the sky during winter

Pawprints! Maybe it's the wolf?

Or a bear? Probably not the mouse...

Might've been this little guy after all.

And so it sets again...

This post is really just me waiting for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of The Doctor. Just under an hour to go!

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