17 Nov 2013

Crushed and jinxed nails - textured tape manicure

I had planned doing a manicure inspired by the honey pomelo fruit from my last post. Thought I'd get some use out of my citrus fimo nail decorations. While I was going through my nail polishes I realised I didn't have any colour I wanted to use as a base for the fimo nail art. Plus even though I have lots of fimo nail art, I've very rarely used it. I'm not sure I've made a complete manicure after the first time I used them. Not really my thing, even though they can look quite impressive in the right hands (= not mine).

Anyway, I kept grabbing coral polishes, my favourites last summer. It's the middle of dark November so what's better than trying to light things up with a bright colour? I got the only Sally Hansen polish I own last summer on sale in Copenhagen, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Crushed. Another coral polish that became an instant favourite when I saw it on nail blogs is OPI's Jinx. It's a textured polish, matte glitter polish. I only have a couple of polishes with this finish and it's not usually my favourite finish, but in this colour it certainly is! Believe me, it's stunning in person. Very hard to capture the glitter in pictures.

Inspired by my flocked nails design a little while ago I wanted to play around with texture, while using polishes of very similar colours. First I used one layer of the base coat I've grown fond of lately Trind Nail Repair, then two coats of  Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Crushed. On top of this one coat of top coat Seche Vite. I let this dry very very well and then used tape to make a kind of square design (although those aren't really squares, are they?). The one coat of OPI Jinx and off with the tapes.

I used this square design on my left hand but since it was quite time consuming I wanted to try something different on my right hand and went for a more traditional french tip manicure. Used tape for this as well. I very much prefer the square manicure over the french tip though.

My nails look different than in the posts recently. The reason is that yesterday I broke the nail on my left index finger which forced me to file my nails in a rounder shape instead of the square shape I usually prefer. I have rounder nails a lot of the time, since quite often one nail breaks when they are square shaped. The corners unfortunately tend to break more easily when they are sharp. I don't mind too much though, good excuse to file them well every now and then and take better care of them.


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