2 Nov 2013

Here's an idea - Meatless November?

Lots of people have been going vegetarian or at least tried to cut down on eating meat during October, Vegetarian Awareness Month. I think it is really great, and I do like eating vegetarian food but never jumped on the band wagon this month. Not really sure why, I'm afraid it might be because I'm quite lazy when it comes to food. But I got an idea this evening. I thought I might start now instead. I did however eat some tuna on a pizza we did for dinner tonight, but for lunch I had pumpkin soup and salad.

The pumpkin soup was delicious btw, as was the pizza. I really should've taken a picture of the pizza though, because we made it on this Finnish flatbread, rieska. Just because we thought we didn't want to buy ready made pizza, or even ready made pizza crust and felt too lazy to make it our selves. It turned out great and the flatbread was wholegrain so we got some extra fibers too.

The pumpkin soup at lunch was part of the lunch restaurants Halloween themed lunch today. Yes, I know, Halloween was yesterday. But try telling them, and most of the rest of Finland, that. They had fake mice around the salad bar, that was a bit interesting.

Actually I must thank the lunch restaurant for the idea of going more green this month, they have had more vegetarian options on the menu this week and there are posters saying "green days" on the walls. That combined with many talking about meatless October on Facebook and Twitter really made me think. I love salads and vegetables and do care animals and the environment. So really it is very odd that I eat quite a lot of meat.

I could blame it on Mr A who does most of the cooking. But then I'm usually with him at the supermarket and pay for most of the food, so I really should come with more meatless ideas for dinner. I might not be a great cook and I really don't care for cooking. But I'm usually they one who makes the salads.

Before I even thought about doing this, we discussed earlier that we will have tomato and mozzarella salad tomorrow, so it's going to be an easy start to my more meatless month. The only thing I'm thinking might cause a problem is my memory. I'm afraid I'll accidentally forget and take the meat option for lunch and then I'll feel bad about it later.

Oh and I haven't mentioned this to Mr A. (He'll have found out it by now. While he's reading this. Hello sweetie!) He can eat meat while I'm at work.

I might eat some fish though, but we'll see how it goes.

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